Haunted pub manager fears ghost ‘caught on CCTV moving furniture’ will scare off staff

A pub ghost “just wants to make itself known” according to a landlord who fears staff will be scared off.

Hayley Budd believes CCTV at The Lansdowne Pub in Cardiff has finally caught her resident spirit in action.

Since taking over the pub eight years ago, Hayley says a ghost has moved furniture, swung a chalkboard about and even bumped into someone.

The 33-year-old boss believes it is Lady Landsdowne herself who means no harm, but could be enough to put off workers sticking around for too long.

On July 26 Hayley was sitting down on her break when a chair opposite, appeared to slide into the table at pace.

The chair opposite Hayley on the right appeared to move untouched
(Image: Kennedy News and Media)

Reflecting on the creepy encounter, she said: “I wasn’t looking at the chair, I was looking at my phone but I saw it out of the corner of my eye.

“I heard it as well so I asked a customer if they had seen anything and they’d also heard the noise. I always try to find the most logical explanation so in the video, you can see me looking to see if it was something in my bag that had moved then I was trying to tell myself that maybe it was the wind.

“I’ve tried to recreate it so many times but there’s no logical explanation. I checked the CCTV to make sure I hadn’t been imagining it.

The Lansdowne Pub
The Lansdowne Pub in Cardiff, south east Wales
(Image: Google Maps)

“I wasn’t frightened enough to quit my job and run out of there but I was really shocked. I wasn’t expecting to see that at all. I don’t frighten easily so I still sit at that table on my breaks.”

It may not be an issue for Hayley but she admits Lady Lansdowne could have a detrimental effect on her staffing.

She said: “One girl who works here thought she’d bumped into another member of staff but when she turned around, he wasn’t there.

“Nobody has ever physically seen her [the apparent ghost] standing in front of them, but a couple of weeks ago, the chalkboard started randomly swinging.

The Lansdowne Pub
The ghostly presence has become a topic of discussion for locals
(Image: Kennedy News and Media)

“A lot of the staff have said that if anything like that happens when they’re there then they’ll go home, so I hope Lady Lansdowne takes that into consideration because I don’t want to be short-staffed.”

The spirit has become a bit of a legend among punters while supposedly becoming even more of an issue for residents above.

She said: “Weird things do happen but nothing quite as blatant and obvious as this.

“There’s a long-term rumour among the regulars about a woman haunting the pub and people who live in the flats above the pub say there are strange goings-on up there.

“When I close the pub and there are no customers, I’ll go into the cellar to do paperwork or change a barrel and it sounds like there’s furniture moving upstairs but when I go up, everything is as I left it.

“I’m not scared just because I’ve worked here for eight years and she’s never done anything that’s a cause for concern. She clearly just wants to make herself known.”


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