Here’s What Nicole Scherzinger Looks Like Without Makeup

There’s no doubting that Nicole Scherzinger is a natural beauty, and she’s not afraid to let the world know. The star is no stranger to sharing a makeup free snap with her social media followers and has proudly posed without the cosmetics on more than one occasion.

In April, she shared the stunning shot above on her Instagram account as she enjoyed some time in her home state of Hawaii. The star went makeup free to show off her flawless complexion as she posed for a selfie in Kahuku, with her long, dark hair down as she showed off her inner beauty as well as her obvious outer gorgeousness in a neon bikini top. Scherzinger posed with a plate of food and encouraged her fans to “#supportlocal.”

The star previously ditched the cosmetics to share a healthy message in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic as she posed alongside her boyfriend, rugby player Thom Evans. A July 2020 Instagram upload showed Scherzinger’s skin glowing as she hit the beach with her man, with him planting a big kiss on her cheek while they dripped following what appeared to be a dip in the ocean. 

“It may not always be sunshine and beaches like this, but try to get outside every day and take a little walk if nothing more,” she captioned it. “It uses around 200 muscles in your body and the fresh air does so much for your mind and spirit.”


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