Homeless Girl’s Life Turns Around After Being Spotted By Top Modelling Agency

Homelessness is a rampant problem in populations all around the globe, with many not only begging for money but for the lives they may have had. Many walk past these individuals every day, judging and ignoring their pleas.

For Lorna Tucker from West Sussex, England, she was fortunate enough that someone chose not to simply stroll by as they noticed what she could bring to the world. Whether she would grab the opportunity was the question.

Tucker ended up taking to the streets at only15 years old, following a falling out with her relatives. The teenager soon began taking drugs and became an addict. Speaking about this traumatic period, she expressed:

“You become a survivor and it damages you so much. You know you don’t need anything or anyone and you can just survive.”

At 17, she was asking for money at London’s Charing Cross station when scouted by a modeling agency. However, the young lady averted her gaze from this possible career, that is, until she met her rock bottom.

Tucker attempted suicide at the same age, but mercifully, she survived. Within about a year after attending rehab and going to art school, she took part in some of the most coveted photoshoots in the industry as a top model. Since then, the previously homeless star has emphasized:

“Modelling was a savior because it showed me a bigger world than I had ever known.”

The model came into contact with individuals she claimed changed her outlook. Some of these inspirational people were high profile, such as acclaimed photographers Rankin and Steven Klein.

Part of this technique of looking at the world through new eyes is that the ex-addict now believes that anyone can transform their lives and that it is a myth that people can never change.

The model, who was in her ’30s by 2017, has not only lifted herself off the streets but chosen to fly even higher, building a whole new life for herself. She now relishes her time as a mother, writer, and director. 

Tucker was once begging and drug-addicted, almost meeting her death and leaving a storm of potentiality behind. Now, this phenomenal woman walks the streets today not with shame but with zest, ready to take on any challenge that this messy world may throw her way.


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