Hotel cleaner horrifies TikTok with videos of disgusting state rooms are left in

It’s not unusual to find a problem with your hotel room – a missing towel, a broken lightbulb, a remote control that doesn’t work.

But next time you’re about to curse the room service staff for not doing their job properly, spare a thought for the bombsites they regularly have to clear up.

Hotel cleaner Sharon G, whose TikTok handle is shantons7, has been posting some of the examples of the filthy rooms she has to deal with.

In one video, it initially appears that Sharon has stumbled on the aftermath of a wedding party. The bedroom and bathroom is strewn with petals, and there is a large cake next to the sink.

The cake in the filthy hotel bathroom

The icing has gone everywhere, including in the shower, on the towels and around the bedroom, and there are still balloons attached to the bed.

But fellow TikTok users have done a bit of sleuthing and reckon this was no wedding party but perhaps someone living out their bizarre fetish fantasy.

Either way, the place was still in a state, with even the loo being left unflushed.

Sharon is fed up with the disgusting mess left behind by so many hotel guests
Sharon is fed up with the disgusting mess left behind by so many hotel guests

In a second video, Sharon shows us a room that is strewn with litter and food, with a pair of white trainers left on the bed, a pair of women’s black shoes and various other personal effects.

In the comments accompanying the videos, one TikTok user suggests that guests who leave things in such a disgusting manner should have their names blacklisted – a bit like what happens with a credit report – so that other hotels know to reject future bookings from them.

The entire room was filthy
The entire room was filthy

But Sharon says that such feedback about guests is already stored within hotel chains.

She writes: “Depending on the brand & if they have membership (Marriott, Hilton, IHG etc), each guest has a “report card” that hotels can add to to inform other hotels.”

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