How The ‘Luckiest Unluckiest Man Alive’ Escaped Death Time And Time Again


Whether he’s got feline DNA or did something in a past life to gain unlimited good karma, Frane Selak surely takes the title of the world’s luckiest man.

Or, if you ask others, the world’s unluckiest. Because over his 92 years on this planet Selak has escaped death more times than most superheroes, surviving a long list of accidents that have led him to be crowned ‘the luckiest unluckiest man alive.’

Frane Selak (@livvontheedge/TikTok)@livvontheedge/TikTok

Born in Croatia in 1929, the first half of Selak’s life was by all accounts relatively trouble-free. But by the time he hit his mid-30s, things began going awry, starting in 1962 when Selak was on board a train that derailed and crashed in a river, killing 17 people. Selak was pulled alive from the wreckage, but little did he know his trials and tribulations had only just begun.

As TikToker Oliva Snake explains, over the past 60 years Selak has accumulated almost a dozen tales of near-death experiences, surviving car wrecks, bus crashes and plane disasters. He even managed to emerge alive after his car drove off the edge of a ravine by somehow managing to escape the vehicle and hang onto a tree branch.

And if none of that was enough proof that Selak’s life was being guided by a force greater than himself, in 2002, two days after his 73rd birthday, he won over $1 million in the lottery.

Selak’s story has had a mixed reaction on TikTok, with people unable to agree on whether he was lucky or unlucky.

‘Someone was trying to take him out,’ one person commented, while another wrote ‘his guardian angel works overtime.’

Whatever the reason for his remarkable life story, Selak is now happily living out his life in retirement, after giving away most of his lottery winnings in favour of a frugal lifestyle.


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