How to Authenticate Maruti Spare Parts Online?


The Indian automobile market is one of the biggest in the world by sheer number and demand. However, with such a massive reputation in the world, there is another negative aspect that comes to the fore.

The Indian automobile also seems to boast of a massive Rs. 22,000 crores counterfeit spare parts industry. This number has come up from a report by The Times of India and is giving a massive headache to the OEMs operating in India. Indigenous automakers, like Maruti spare parts, have the worst hit.

Besides just affecting the OEMs, the counterfeit is also posing with a lot of issues. One such very serious issue with the growth in the counterfeit bike and car parts is the major tax loss of over Rs. 40,000 crores for the Indian government.

This is the reason why you should consider buying genuine Maruti spare parts from sites, like

Problems with spare parts

The problem isn’t only with the automakers who have their manufacturing facilities in India, the ones that import the spare parts also have to face a lot of problems. Here are some of the primary problems that arise with fake spare parts.


The first and foremost problem that comes up with counterfeit spare parts is the quality. Counterfeit products always have inferior quality and will not feel as premium. This means, they barely serve the purpose and are prone to damage very often.

Repeated availability

Counterfeit spare parts are available very easily. However, the problem arises when you are looking for the same product after a span of four months. Counterfeit spare parts feel like one-time products and you will seldom get the same product available in the market again.


Needless to say, counterfeit spare parts have no warranty on the sales. And even if they do, you don’t have anywhere to go to claim the warranty, resulting in a fake warranty. So, besides the inferior quality, the lack of warranty of counterfeit spare parts will also hurt you.

Losses to the government

Counterfeit spare parts pose with massive losses even for the government. OEMs pay huge taxes to the government for the sales of genuine auto parts. However, since the counterfeit spare parts are not produced by the automakers themselves, the same is not reflected in the sales report. Thus, the government does not receive taxes on the same.

Loss in business for OEMs

The OEMs face massive losses due to the production and supply of counterfeit spare parts. The inventories of original manufacturers do not sell our, resulting in financial losses from many different ways.

Ways to authenticate spare parts online

Buying spare parts online is extremely common. However, you should be utmost careful with the product you are placing an order for. Be it Maruti spare parts or any other automaker’s, you need to cross-check and verify the source from where you are placing the order. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind:

Buy from the OEMs

It is best to buy spare parts from the manufacturers’ website. Almost all the automakers doing business in India have their own website with a section for spare parts. For example, Maruti spare parts are sold through (Maruti genuine parts). So, irrespective of the brand of your car, you should consider buying from the OEM as a priority.

Look for genuine sellers

Ecommerce has been on the rise, even for auto parts too. However, you should check on the eCommerce site and its authenticity before you make the purchase. Standard eCommerce sites, like Amazon and Flipkart, are marketplaces. Hence, all the sellers there might not dispatch genuine spare parts.

However, that are many online selling websites that are dedicated to selling auto parts only, like Boodmo. So, if you are looking to buy genuine Maruti spare parts, you might as well buy from these websites.

Follow Maruti Suzuki’s authentication

According to Maruti Suzuki, there is a great way to authenticate genuine parts that are sold by various sellers online. The automaker has a new MRP with a QR code. You can scan the QR code using an app downloadable from the Playstore or App Store and check for its authenticity.

Besides just there, there is another way to ensure that the parts being supplied to you are genuine. Maruti Suzuki, while dispatching spare parts, includes a badge on the sticker. This sticker has a hologram that can be seen only when it is tilted. Also, the thermochromic blue ink disappears at a temperature of 45-degrees.

Finishing up

When it comes to buying Maruti spare parts online, you should only trust genuine sellers. Also, making a note of authenticating the products is a great way to ensure that you are not receiving any counterfeit item.

This way, you will always receive a quality product that will last longer and will be covered under the OEM’s warranty. And besides, you will also be helping the government put a stop at the counterfeit racket.


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