How To Score Major Deals Off All-Inclusive Resorts

After the traumatizing last few years, we could all definitely benefit from a vacation. In particular, having a tropical getaway spent comfortably lounged by the pool, drink in hand, away from the news and day to day bustle sounds superb. Enter in: all-inclusive resorts.

Without the extensive planning of what to do each day (as well as figuring out COVID protocols at each spot), all-inclusives resorts are the perfect place to unwind and decompress. Yet depending on the location, resort, and traveling days, these vacas can get a little pricey–unless you know how to find a good deal.

How To Get A Major Discount

We recently stumbled across on TikTok, a social channel from a former flight attendant who has tons of hacks and tips for solo female travelers as well as couples. These tips include how to book cheap flights, find cheap hotel rooms, and score great deals for spontaneous weekend trips.

In particular, her video for 77% off an all-inclusive resort to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic definitely piqued our interest. First, she states that she scored an all-inclusive resort for $675 per person in Punta Cana to stay an entire week. Sounds too good to be true, but is it? Here’s how she did it.

Step one consists of going to Step two is to follow the prompts and enter in dates, location (Punta Cana), and the number of adults. gives you a list of all the discounted options. Instead of comparing all of the options, she states, “I already found [a] hotel at 77% off.” The resort she found was Barcelo Bavaro Beach All-Inclusive Resort, an adults-only spot which has stunning views and private beach access. Deals can change quickly, so this particular offer may no longer be applicable. And the site has deals on all-inclusive resorts all over the world.

A quick tip: changing your date range can have significant impact on your results, so if you can be flexible with your travel dates, you’re more likely to find a better deal. But you need to be ready to book as these deals come and go quick! Luckily, deals are popping up daily, so you can snag a great price whenever you’re ready.


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