Hungover Charlotte Crosby says ‘Glasgow ruined her’ after her stand up show at the 02 Academy

Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby has said that Glasgow has ‘ruined her’ after she performed her stand up show One Night with Charlotte at the 02 last night.

Charlotte is travelling around the UK for her tour Sheffield, Birmingham, Newcastle, London, Manchester and Liverpool and last night it was time for her to take the stage at Glasgow and fans had a great time.

Speaking on her Instagram story before arriving at the venue, Charlotte said: “Glasgow we are here and we’re on our way to the Academy as we speak. We are ready to go. This is going to be an amazing night…an excellent night!”

One fan wrote: “Helloo wee hen.”

Another added: “You look beautiful, well done for everything you have achieved so far.”

Charlotte said that Glasgow ‘ruined her’.

One said: “Welcome to Glasgow aka Glesga babe. Hope its everything you wanted and more.”

While one wrote: “You were amazing thank you for Best night of my life.”

Charlotte was worse for wear this morning

And going by the rest of her stories, the night was a booze fuelled and Charlotte was suffering from a hangover this morning.

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And speaking the morning after the night before as she headed to her next destination, Charlotte, still with last night’s makeup on said: “Glasgow! You have ruined us!”

Taking deep breaths in the back of the car, Charlotte patted down her matted hair.

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