I found out I was allergic to my husband after our saucy romp put me in hospital

A MUM discovered that she was allergic to her husband after their saucy romp put her in hospital.

Kristen had wanted to give her partner Shaun a birthday he’s never remember, and so covered her naked body in balloons ready for a night of passion.


Kristen suffered an allergic reaction to her own husband during sexCredit: TLC
Doctor Carmela Yomtoubian explained that women can develop allergies during pregnancy


Doctor Carmela Yomtoubian explained that women can develop allergies during pregnancyCredit: TLC

But after the pair finished their love-making, Kristen began experiencing a burning sensation and was struggling to breathe.

Speaking on TLC’s Sex Sent Me to ER, she explains: “After I gave him his special birthday present – my throat started closing up, I started getting wheezy.

“I have had so many different allergy attacks, asthma attacks that I knew that something was different and something was wrong.”

After losing consciousness, Kristen collapsed, hitting her head on the way down, quickly bringing Shaun’s birthday party to an abrupt halt.

Convinced that Kristen must have had an allergic reaction to the Latex in the balloons, the pair head to the hospital.

However, the doctor on call quickly points out that the balloons where in fact made of Nylon, eliminating Latex as the cause of the reaction.

Doctors told Kristen that her allergic reaction was most likely an anaphylactic one, usually caused by ingesting something they are highly sensitive to.

The doctor explained to Kristen that women can develop new allergies after giving birth, and that they believe this may have happened to her with seminal fluid.

“I didn’t even know that this was humanly possible,” Kristen says, “How can I possibly be allergic to my husband.”

Doctor Carmela Yomtoubian explains: “During pregnancy a woman’s immune system is mildly suppressed in order to not reject the baby that’s growing inside of her

“During this time period if the patient is exposed to some new allergy she can develop a hyper sensitivity to that thing.

“In very rare cases seminal fluid can be that new allergen that a patient develops a hyper sensitivity to.”

After having her blood tested, doctors confirm that Kristen is  the first documented case in her town to be allergic to seminal fluid.

Dr Yomtoubian says: “Couples dealing with the condition long term have several options, one of which includes barrier methods.

“This would include condom usage to stop the sperm touching the female skin and causing that type of allergic reaction.

“Other options would be with an allergist desensitising the body which means not them have a reaction to this allergen.

“And the third option if they do want to get pregnant might be IVF.”

Kristen added: “The doctor did tell me that there will be no more special presents for Shaun so basically his birthday party was the last special present.”

Kristen had developed an allergy to her husband's semen


Kristen had developed an allergy to her husband’s semenCredit: TLC

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