‘I knew my man was cheating when I found a clue in the washing basket’

A woman said that she discovered her partner had been unfaithful when she found a false eyelash with his laundry, and now she’s shared her story on TikTok so others will know to be wary

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TikToker finds fake eyelash in her boyfriend’s laundry

A woman said that she knew her partner was cheating when she found an eyelash in his laundry that definitely wasn’t his.

TikTok user @mrs__divinity posted a video on social media explaining that she was washing some clothes for her partner when she noticed something suspicious.

In with his dirty clothes she found a set of false eyelashes, that looked long, curvy, and definitely didn’t belong to him.

After sharing her story online other TikTok users were soon commenting and said that whoever the lashes belonged to had probably planted them there on purpose for the woman to find.

The woman said she found proof that her partner had been unfaithful



She insisted the false eyelash was not hers



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The video, captioned ‘I found a lash in my man’s laundry…’, has been viewed over two million times and @mrs__divinity has been inundated with comments.

One user said: “She left it there for you girl.”

Then another agreed, adding: “Babygirl, she tried to leave you a clue!”

A third user wrote: “Less laundry to do now.”

“I’m sure he tried telling you it’s yours too,” added a fourth user.

Meanwhile, a woman has revealed how she was left fuming after her partner went to extreme lengths to avoid going to her family’s reunion.

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In a post on Reddit, the anonymous woman, 28, explained that her 28-year-old fiancé, whom she’s been with for eight years, has a twin brother who looks “exactly very closely alike.”

But due to him living overseas and restrictions in place because of the coronavirus pandemic, she has only met him a couple of times.

This past weekend, her family was having a big reunion.

“My fiancé complained about the reunion and told me he could not attend,” she said, despite her saying how much it would mean to her if he met more of her relatives.

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