‘I lost my marriage and my job after aliens abducted me and put an implant in my arm’

A man in the US has claimed that a supposed alien abduction where a nanochip was inserted into his arm, led to his wife leaving him as well as resulting in him being dismissed from his job.

Recalling his time spent investigating extra-terrestrial activity, Steve Colbern claimed that he had been taken aboard a UFO “hundreds of times” by aliens that looked like “typical greys”.

Relating these incidents on the Coast to Coast show, the US resident explained how one particular encounter had forced him to dedicate his life to researching alien life, resulting in the breakdown of his marriage.

The incident began, he explained, when he found a UFO hovering over his avocado tree, before he was then pulled up into the spaceship by a green light beam.

A man has recalled how he was abducted by a UFO before aliens inserted a nanochip in his arm

He recalled that he was then led to a medical station and instructed to lie down on a table.

He claimed: “He used a long instrument that was like a piece of stainless steel tubing that had a fibre-optic inside that transmitted ultraviolet light and had a device on the end that would dispense the implants and put them into the subject.”

Once the abduction had been concluded, Steve noted, he experienced a changed perspective on life.

An alien
Steve Colbern claimed that the experience had changed his perspective on life, as well as resulting in huge social and work upheaval

“It does make it a lot more difficult to get along down here… It seems almost irrelevant sometimes, the things that humans do.”

And, despite the fact that Steve claimed his wife had experienced similar episodes, he suggested that the event was the reason behind their eventual divorce.

He confessed: “My wife was not too pleased finding out about this, and blamed me for it.

“I think that was pretty unfair, but that’s just how people react; it destroys relationships routinely.”

A breakup
Steve claimed that the incident had resulted in his marriage breaking down, despite his wife having had similar experiences

Steve also revealed that his urge to investigate the paranormal had led to him losing his job, when he was dismissed after using company equipment to try to analyse the suspected implant.

Reflecting on the experience, Steve explored further how his outlook on life had changed, saying: “It’s opened my eyes, I feel like I’m part of this society and also their society, and also a member of the galactic civilisation, rather than just an obscure human being trapped on an obscure planet.

“It’s hard to know sometimes which feelings are yours and which feelings were put there by the aliens.”

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