I make money by being mean to blokes

A WOMAN has revealed how she made money by being mean to a bloke – and now he wants to pay her more.

TikTok user Nikki Fox explained how she received a message from a stranger who asked her to deliberately “degrade him” in exchange for money.


Nikki Fox was paid to be mean to a man who messaged her on InstagramCredit: TIKTOK
He gave her $100 for calling him pathetic


He gave her $100 for calling him patheticCredit: TIKTOK
She says that while being mean didn't come naturally the bloke seemed thrilled


She says that while being mean didn’t come naturally the bloke seemed thrilledCredit: TIKTOK

Speaking in her video, Nikki explained: “This is how I made money by being mean.

“This guy hits me up on Instagram and says that he wants to pay one of my bills, all I have to do in return is to degrade him and call him stupid.

“Being mean does not come easy to me but I tried to play along – I called him a loser and put up a boundary that said absolutely no video which he was fine with.”

Nikki went on to explain that she did agree to send a short voice note in which she called him “pathetic” and demanded that he “pay her bills immediately.”

She continued: “Apparently I was really good at it because he asked me if he could pay another one of my bills.”

Nikki shared a screenshot of the $100 (£74) that had entered her account, adding, “So check your dms, there’s a lot of f***ing weird people out there.”

The video has since received almost 70,000 views on TikTok, and thousands of comments, many from women hoping to do the same.

One wrote: “How… how do I get this to happen to me?”

“I guess I just found my dream job,” commented another, while a third added, “Soooo can I have his info?”

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