I was sick for months and thought it was IBS

A WOMAN’S nightmare became this TikTok star’s reality when they found out they were pregnant by giving birth.

Chess, who goes by the pronouns they and them, shared their surprise when they thought that they were having an IBS episode but it turned out to be them giving birth to their son.


A TikTok user revealed they didn’t know they were pregnant until they actually gave birthCredit: TikTok @idontknowhowtoplaychess
They gave birth in the bathroom


They gave birth in the bathroomCredit: TikTok @idontknowhowtoplaychess

In a video, the 19-year-old said: “God, my IBS has really been acting up! I’m just a little bloated so it shouldn’t be an issue.”

They then added: “Yeah, I was pregnant.”

Taking to a separate video, they said: “I had an IUD placed in 2015 and I’ve always been very irregular with my periods.

“And I had even gone a whole year without getting my period while on the IUD.

“The year before I gave birth, I started developing adjacent issues and it really started progressing around April. Little did I know, I was around five months.

“I had taken a food sensitivity test and I’m sure it said I was negative.

“I took another test, at eight months, and it was also negative.”

However, it was the day before the birth that Chess began experiencing actual symptoms.

They said: “It was well known that I had to run to the bathroom because my stomach had been so upset. Every 15 minutes, my stomach was killing me and I didn’t think it was contractions because I had no idea I was pregnant.

“The only difference was that I had a sharp pain on my stomach and my lower back was killing me. My roommate and I had made plans to go out and I was lying in bed – that’s when my water broke and I thought I was in so much pain that I peed my pants.”

They recounted that they proceeded to take a really hot bath and would pace from side to side because of the pain.

“I had no idea I was doing everything I needed to do to pass a baby,” they said.

“I honestly thought that my stomach was doing everything it could to expel whatever was making me sick that my vagina was prolapsing.

“I even pushed against my son’s head because I thought it was my vagina.”

They said they pushed and pushed until “my uterus began screaming at me and I screamed back at it.”

Continuing in a third video, Chess said: “I’m sitting on my toilet and holding my baby. I had my mom on the phone at the time because I was so scared.

“She hangs up on me when I yell that it’s a baby – we live close to each other and while she drives over, I called 911. My friends were threatening to break the door down because I had locked it.”

Chess recounted that her mom went into action as she was a previous nurse and knew what she was doing.

“It looked like someone murdered another person in the bathroom, but the opposite had just happened. Life had been born,” they said.

After being transported to the hospital, Chess said that nurses and doctors were shocked because “my tummy was flat.”

After things had settled down and Chess realized she had given birth, they thought about giving the baby up for adoption.

“But the moment I held him, we didn’t talk about it and I gave him a name and he’s perfect,” they said as they picked to keep their baby.

Chess revealed lastly that her son is still in the hospital, trying to gain weight healthy and they will bring him home soon.

Chess was not showing


Chess was not showingCredit: TikTok @idontknowhowtoplaychess
They thought they were having an IBS episode


They thought they were having an IBS episodeCredit: TikTok @idontknowhowtoplaychess

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