I’m a charity shop worker & I’m fed up of sifting through skid-marked pants and dirty-crotched tights

A CHARITY shop worker is reminding people what they do and don’t want as donations, especially when it comes to underwear.

The woman revealed they come across used pants and pairs of tights with dirty crotches while sifting through donations all the time and labelled it “disgusting”.


A charity shop worker went viral after venting her frustration over unacceptable donations like used pants and dirty tights

Venting their frustration on social media, TikTok user @Ash&ChelsLifeStories urged people to reconsider donating their dirty underwear as it’s not what charity shops are looking for.

She revealed that she’s often confronted with “skiddy pants” on a regular basis, so thought it was about time she listed what is and isn’t acceptable to pass of as donations.

In her clip, that has been watched over 778k times, the staff member vented: “I just thought of the best idea. As I work in a charity shop, why don’t I do a list of things that we will accept and won’t accept so I don’t have to spend 95 per cent of my day knees deep in skiddy pants.”

“You know what Graham, you can just put them in the bin I’m not your f***ing wife,” she fumed.

“What do you think you’re gonna do? Donate them here and I’m going to wash them, sniff them? No I’m not, no I’m not. I’m going to throw them in the bin and then cry about it because I’ve just touched your butthole.”

Making it clear what charity shops expect when it comes to donations of underwear, including hosiery such as tights, she continued: “I’ll start. We do want, clean, brand new underwear – we can sell that. Use your brains.

“What we don’t want is your underwear with holes in that you’ve been wearing for the last 18 years, we don’t want that.

“We will accept tights brand new in the packet, but will we accept tights with ladders and thrush in the crotch? No we won’t.”

“Disgusting… I know, it sounds disgusting, but it’s happened,” she revealed.

“It happens, we get it all the f***ing time.”

Her post racked up nearly a thousand comments, with people left shocked to hear that dirty underwear is frequently donated.

“Do people actually do this omg,” said one person.


Another posted: “People think charity shop means literally anything and everything, people have no shame.”

A third stressed: “If you wouldn’t buy it, don’t donate it!!!”

The post also drew in fellow charity shop workers who could “relate” and shared their own horror stories.

“I worked in a charity shop and someone donated an unwashed duvet that someone bedridden with ulcers had owned. It was heavily stained and smelled like death,” revealed one person.

“I volunteered in a charity shop when I was younger and the first thing I was taught to do was a crotch check,” one more shared.

Another claimed: “I worked in a charity shop for 3 years… we could make a story book together. Sanitary pad still in knickers, that’s all I’m saying.”

Viewers were all for the woman’s charity shop series, with one person commenting: “As a manager in a charity shop, I’m so ready for this. I think we have our own brand of trauma from the things we see!!”

She called out those trying to pass off their 'skiddy pants' as donations and urged people to 'use their brain'


She called out those trying to pass off their ‘skiddy pants’ as donations and urged people to ‘use their brain’Credit: TikTok

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