Indie Duo joan Debuts New ‘So Done’ Single, Music Video

From “So Good” to “So Done.” Joan, the band that consists of Alan Benjamin Thomas and Steven Rutherford, is exclusively debuting their brand new single and music video.

“Growing up we always heard artists say things like, ‘We wrote this song in 20 minutes,’ and always thought it was a bit dramatic because it just doesn’t really happen like that. But listen, we wrote basically wrote this song in 20 minutes,” the pair tells Us Weekly exclusively. “We sat down in the studio and Alan started humming, ‘Called to tell you that it’s over.’ From there, it seemed like every line wrote itself one after another. It was a really cool experience.”

The duo notes that the music side of “So Done” was “a little tougher” to figure out, but a session with Hazey Eyes helped.

Connor North Goad

“We usually do everything ourselves and you never know what it’ll be like going into sessions like that, but Hazey Eyes was such an amazing collaborator on this,” they add.

“So Done” acts as a counterpart to “So Good,” the band’s first single from their upcoming EP, Hi, set to come out later this year alongside its partner EP, Bye.

Joan plans to release new singles every first Thursday of each month throughout the rest of 2021.

Joan New Single So Done
Connor North Goad

“After we released cloudy/partly cloudy, we got straight to work, writing so many new songs,” the longtime friends said in a press release. “We found that the songs were naturally falling in two different camps. So, we decided rather than trying to force them to work together, it would be more interesting to release two EPs over the course of the year. Welcome to the wave era: Here comes a new joan song each month through the end of the year.”

The pair’s last single, “Something Special,” came out in September, and had a strong meaning to the men.

“This song started as a doobie brothers tribute song, just having some fun one day. We were just messing around with keyboard sounds and came across the chords to what are now the chorus chords,” they shared. “We’re both happily married to our wives, and both of our stories include us feeling like we connected like best friends and then realized, ‘Oh, I’m in love with my best friend, that’s so lucky.’ That’s what this song is about, knowing there’s more than just a friendship there, and hoping the other person feels the same.”

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