Influencer shares snaps seconds apart to show ‘reality’ of Instagram swimwear shots

A popular influencer has shared a series of snaps showing her body just seconds apart to help women feel comfortable in swimwear.

Clara Guillem, who has 188,000 Instagram followers, @claraandherself, frequently posts uplifting videos and photos on social media.

She demonstrated to women that even influencers and models don’t always look perfect – and explains how angles and lighting can change how your body looks.

In one post, Clara posted two photos of herself side by side while wearing a pink swimsuit.

One photo shows the model posing with her bum pointing at an angle towards the camera and her arm around her waist.

The other shows her unposed with her bum facing the side.

In the caption, she said: “There’s no right and wrong way to take up space.

“Society is perpetually telling women what parts of our bodies should be ‘bigger’ or ‘smaller’ and it constantly changes throughout time.

“Our bodies take up space in exactly the way they were intended to: perfectly. comment something positive your body does for you!”

A few days later, Clara demonstrated the reality of the swimwear snaps we see Instagram stars post from the beach.

Clara called her snaps a “reality check”
(Image: @claraandherself)

She said: “Swipe for a reality check” as she stood in the water with her butt once again on an angle – and she looks incredible!

But, in the second photo she changes her pose and faces away from the photographer showing her body as it would look in real life.

In the caption, she said: “A snapshot in time can’t show the movement and true beauty of the human body.

“Skin moves, gravity exists, and the world isn’t an app. What’s one way you can practice being kind to yourself today?”

In the comments, thousands of Clara’s fans spoke up to thank her for her posts and for proving that what we see on Instargam isn’t always the full story.

Clara then demonstrated how posing makes a difference
(Image: @claraandherself)

One women wrote: “These posts give me life thank you.”

“Seriously love you and your content! Thank you for what you do,” added another.

A third said: “Thank u for sharing something so real.”

“You’ve helped me so much,” a follower exclaimed.

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