Influencer takes snaps seconds apart to show reality behind ‘perfect’ photos

Many people can be left feeling deflated and self-conscious after seeing seemingly ‘perfect’ snaps on Instagram.

However, one influencer is doing her best to expose the truth about these photos – saying that most of them are edited to appear flawless.

Australian Bree Lenehan is known for taking body positive comparison snaps to expose how posing and lighting can affect photos and your body shape.

And in her latest post, she gets honest as she admits she used to edit her photos also.

The brunette, who boasts 469,000 followers on Instagram, was seen posing on the site in a black sports bra and shorts.

She showed the reality behind ‘perfect’ pictures

In one photo, she sucked her stomach in and posed with her booty out, while in the second she showed how her bum was flatter and and stomach more rounded when she relaxed.

She then shared more photos from different angles as she exposed her cellulite and tummy.

Captioning the post, Bree wrote: “Are you waiting for everything to be ‘perfect’ to live your life the way you want to?

Influencer Bree Lenehan shares body comparison photos
The influencer shared a series of comparison snaps

“I used to. I always thought to myself: ‘I’ll be able to do that when I finish my diet’ OR ‘I can’t wait to go to the beach when my body is bikini ready’ OR ‘I’ll get the best photos after I’ve had a glow up’.

“I used to turn down invitations from friends because as much as I wanted to go out and have fun, I didn’t want anyone to see me. I avoided getting photos at family events or while hanging out with friends, because I didn’t want anyone to post photos of me.

Influencer Bree Lenehan shares body comparison photos
Bree said she used to hide her body in the summer

“I wore jumpers and jeans on the hottest days of summer, because I didn’t like my arms, or my legs, my stomach, my neck, my face, or anything about me. I never used to upload a photo without editing it first, because I was too afraid to show up as my true self. I always found things that needed fixing, and compared myself to people on social media, including the social media version of myself.

Influencer Bree Lenehan shares body comparison photos
She also said she’d turn down event invitations from friends she didn’t want anyone seeing her

“I sabotaged myself with these poisonous, negative thoughts.

“And guess what? I experienced these very same thoughts when I reached the end of said ‘diets’ too, because your body image doesn’t change when your body does. It changes when you realise your existence in life is about so much more than your body or how you look, that you can appreciate your body for what it does for you instead, and that you can show yourself kindness.

Influencer Bree Lenehan shares body comparison photos
Fans thanked the influencer for the ‘inspiring’ post

“So, in case you’re experiencing something similar, or have before, I want you to know that you’re not the only one who feels or has felt this way. I promise you, it’s possible to overcome.

“I hope that with my constant daily reminders & real posts, I can not only inspire you to prioritise yourself, but also SHOW YOU HOW you can do that and come one step closer to living your healthiest, happiest life, every single day.

“Don’t wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy your life! You’re already wonderful, just as you are!”

Fans were loving the post, as it racked up more than 52,000 likes.

One gushed: “You are such an inspiration.”

As another admitted: You make me want to be a better version of myself.”

A third chimed in: “Please keep posting. It helps me.”

The post comes after Bree shared similar snaps back in August in what she brands ‘Real Me Monday’.

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