Inside Cheryl Burke’s Tense Relationship With Dancing With The Stars

On a September 13 appearance on the “Tamron Hall Show,” Cheryl Burke opened up about how her view of the series has changed — particularly with the effects that aging and her body perception are having on her performance abilities.

“You know as a dancer, especially as a woman, our career, it doesn’t last very long. The fact that I’m 37 and still sambaing out there and shimmying is pretty unheard of,” Burke said. “I’m not in the competitive level anymore, but still, I also have to understand that I have arthritis in my body, you know? The pounding and pounding and pounding,” she explained. 

The dancer married Matthew Lawrence in 2019, and expressed hopes of having a family together and how that also changed her perspective during her interview. “I have to think about if I want a family, and obviously I do. … Then I have to think about, ‘Okay, it’s not just me now. It’s me and my husband, and what do we want for our future?'” Burke said. “I am grateful for that experience, but I’m not like these other girls who just had babies and can just bounce back,” she added, per Us Weekly. “I know my body, but I also, more importantly, know my own mental health, and if I have this body image issue that I’m dealing with, again, if this [points to her head] is not okay, I can’t perform.”


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