Inside RHOSLC Star Jen Shah’s Marriage

After her arrest, Jen Shah pled not guilty in April and August, but her request to have the charges dismissed was denied, per People. On September 8, Jen jumped on Bravo’s “Spilling Iced Tea” to reiterate her innocence. “I think what people don’t understand is, here in America, you’re innocent until proven guilty. I’m innocent,” Jen claimed. “And I believe that this is not just my test, it’s everybody’s test close to me and in my corner.”

She added, “How are my closest people around me going to respond? How are they going to show up or not show up?” Speaking of her closest people, Jen explained how husband, Sharrieff Shah, has been supporting her. She went on to praise her husband for his support over the past year. “Coach Shah, he’s so motivational. He’s so inspiring. Throughout this entire ordeal, it has really … brought us closer than ever … It’s crazy to say that, but it really has,” Jen explained. “When you go through something this traumatic, this deep, people are either going to leave you or they’re going to stay by you.”

Jen continued, “Coach Shah and I have had our ups and downs through our marriage, and when I thought he cared more about this than me, or whatever, now what we’ve gone through, there’s no question in my mind Coach Shah loves me more than anybody or anything in the world and he’s just been so, so supportive of me.”


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