Is Heather Locklear‘s appearance in her latest film shocking fans?

Is Heather Locklear‘s appearance in her latest film shocking fans? One tabloid claims the actress is “unrecognizable” in her return to acting after some “enhancements.” Here’s what we know.

Heather Locklear ‘Puffs Up’ In New Movie?

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer reports Heather Locklear is “shocking” people in the stills released from her new Lifetime movie, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. The outlet insists Locklear’s “squinty-eyed” look even has those close to her scratching their heads. “Even people who know Heather didn’t know it was her in those photos until they took a second look!” an insider exclaims. This is Locklear’s first role in four years following the actress’s arrest and stint in rehab back in 2018.

Now sober, Locklear’s ready to get back to the small screen. “Heather looks like she’s gone to great lengths to ‘enhance’ her looks to be TV-ready again!” another source adds, “Her face looks completely different and puffy. She doesn’t look like the same woman I worked with!” The outlet also includes a “then and now” comparison, showing the actress during her time on Melrose Place next to her now.

Heather Locklear’s ‘Head-Spinning’ New Look?

This report is just a long-winded jab at Locklear for not looking the same way she did 20 years ago. It’s obvious from the language the magazine uses that it only intended to insult her. The publication has no problem calling her “puffy” and “squinty-eyed” when she looks totally normal. After struggling with addiction for so long, Locklear is returning to TV to tell an inspiring story. Instead of celebrating that, the tabloid decided to insult her. A behind-the-scenes photo reveals Locklear looking both recognizable and perfectly well.

Furthermore, the allegation that Locklear has extensively “enhanced” her looks for the movie is completely unfounded. There is no evidence to suggest Locklear has had any work done, but even if she had, that’s none of the tabloid’s business. This is just a classic example of magazines obsessing over celebrities’ appearances and criticizing them for aging. It’s painfully obvious that there was never any story here.

The Tabloid On ‘Unrecognizable’ Celebrities

This isn’t the first time we’ve busted the National Enquirer for claiming a celebrity was “unrecognizable.” Just last month, the tabloid alleged Kirsten Dunst was unrecognizable after giving birth. Then the magazine said Tom Cruise was unrecognizable after getting a laundry list of cosmetic treatments. And finally, the publication reported Demi Moore “doesn’t even look like herself” after her recent cosmetic procedures. In every report, the tabloid was wildly exaggerating about the changes made to these celebrities’ looks. The Enquirer has a fixation on celebrities’ appearances, but not the truth.


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