Is Steffy’s Concern Over Thomas Warranted on Bold and the Beautiful?

Siblings Steffy and Thomas share a bond on The Bold and the Beautiful. They’ve both endured much hardship in their lives, which has strengthened their bond. Steffy’s starting to get concerned about her brother these days as his past obsession with Hope may be resurfacing.

Bold and the Beautiful’s Steffy Has Some Sisterly Concern

Is Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) wise to be concerned for her brother Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) on The Bold and the Beautiful? Soap Hub posed this question to B&B fans. Read on for the results!

Bold (and Beautiful) Habits Die Hard

Half of you, 50%, believe that Steffy’s right on the mark. B&B’s Thomas has turned over a new leaf and isn’t obsessive about Hope (Annika Noelle) anymore but he’s not made of Stone. Deep down, he truly cares for her and envisions himself, Hope, Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri), and baby Beth as a family. Hopefully, Steffy will give her brother some much-needed tough love and keep him from getting hurt once more.

Hope For Thomas’ Future

Many of you, around 38%, feel that Steffy’s correct to have concern for Thomas but it’s not necessary as Thomas has his feelings in check. He knows that Hope is perfectly happy with Liam (Scott Clifton). Steffy and Finn (Tanner Novlan) are happy so it’s not like Steffy’s going to pair up with Liam again. Thomas ideally needs to find a new love, someone who’s unattached.

Doubting Thomas

The rest of you, about 10%, say that Steffy is way off base and that Thomas has his feelings under control. He went through hell and finally realized that his obsession with Hope was unhealthy. Sometimes we want something so badly that we can’t see, pardon the pun, the “Forrester” for the trees. Thomas will always care for Hope but he won’t go down that dark path on The Bold and the Beautiful ever again.

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