Is There a ‘Malignant’ Post-Credits Scene? If so, What Does It Mean?

Director and horror legend James Wan is most recently known for his Aquaman franchise. Still, he is also the creative genius behind twisted tales such as Saw, The Conjuring, Insidious, and more. James’ latest venture into horror, Malignant, has been successful at the box office so far, but is there a post-credits scene to the movie? And will there be a sequel?

Read on for everything we know about Malignant.

So, is there a ‘Malignant’ post-credits scene?

Marvel has inspired other filmmakers to make the most of the credits, and now many moviegoers expect a post-credits scene at the end of their viewing experience. Even Aquaman has a post-credits scene that features villainous Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen). In addition, in The Conjuring’s post-credits scene, James goes as far as to provide photos of the real-life Warren family.

But does James follow the post-credits scene tradition with Malignant?

Unfortunately, it appears that James is content to leave his audience in suspense by not including a post-credits scene in Malignant. However, despite the lack of post-credits action or Easter eggs, there is a chance that the original plot of the film — which James devised, his wife Ingrid Bisu, and screenwriter Akela Cooper — will inspire a sequel.

Will there be a ‘Malignant 2’?

Most of James’ horror films have become successful franchisees that he either directs or produces himself. Examples of these franchises include The Conjuring films, the Saw films, the Insidious films, and various prequel spin-offs to those movies. So will Malignant be the latest franchise to hit the big screen?


Source: Warner Bros. Pictures


James has said he is open to the possibility of sequels to Malignant. For the unfamiliar, the film is centered around a woman named Madison who has dreams about a series of murders. The film takes audiences down a road of impossible science and terrifying turns but ultimately delivers an original plot.

James admitted he wanted Malignant to be “different” from his previous horror flicks during an interview with SFX Magazine. “For better or for worse, I set out to make a movie that is an antithesis to all my other films. If people are going to this expecting the kind of scares they see from my Insidious or Conjuring movies, they are going to be disappointed.”



Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

James confirmed that a sequel could be in the works, saying, “Ultimately anything can become a franchise. They will find a way. Look at Saw. When Leigh Whannell and I made Saw, we were like, ‘Jigsaw gets up, and he shuts the door. The end.’ Then when the movie did so well, the producers and studio were like, ‘Guys, we have to make another one.’”

While anything is possible, James also admits that he only set out to make one Malignant film. “So, yes, Malignant could become a franchise, but I set out to make this movie. Having said that, when I make one film, I do think of a bigger umbrella story. I’m always just telling a section of this bigger story.”

Malignant is available for streaming through HBO Max or viewing in theaters.


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