Jenelle Evans Denounces Kailyn Lowry In a Deleted Clip, What Does She Say?

Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans slammed former co-star Kailyn Lowry over a tag in an OLD INTERVIEW of 2019. The Teen Mom celebrity Kailyn Lowry is pretty much in the limelight these days. Moreover, her podcast shows have always captured the viewers’ attention and kept her in some controversy.

And to get back and Kailyn, the mother of three, Jenelle Evans, recently made a video and criticized Kailyn Lowry as revenge from the past. Although she had wrongly misunderstood it to be a recent tag, yet we get to see the rage that Jenelle was carrying for Kailyn for so long.

Jenelle called out Kailyn after seeing that the latter tagged her husband, David Eason as ‘PSYCHOPATH’. Let us know what Jenelle said and how she slammed Kailyn for the old deed.

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Teen Mom: Jenelle Opens Up About Kailyn’s Loopholes, What Are They?

On September 18, Jenelle made a TikTok Video talking trash about Kailyn Lowry. Unfortunately, she mistakenly found Kailyn’s old podcast interview as something new and banged back at it. In an interview years ago, Kailyn was asked by the interviewer, “What’s his name, that f psychopath?” And Lowry answered with “DAVID”.

After knowing that it was an old story, Jenelle deleted the video, but many viewers saw it. In the video, Jenelle showed a report from The Sun where Lowry was accused of taking more than $48,000 in PPP loans for her podcast and now-defunct haircare.

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Moreover, Jenelle also talked about Kailyn’s newly built home in Delaware and informed that she had seen the pictures and the house is just on the road. She asserted, “Um, how’s that working out for ya? You’re right on the d*** road.” This sounded weird as there seems nothing to be critical about the house being on the road.

In addition, she shared an article from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, which reported on Lowry’s arrest for a domestic incident with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez.

Jenelle Evans CRITICIZED By Fans For Being Unreasonable

After Jenelle posted her video, she realized that she was slamming Kailyn for something that happened in the past, and it had nothing to do with the present. She wrongly assumed it to be a recent interview. Therefore, Jenelle apologized to her co-star Kailyn Lowry for posting the video.

According to, Jenelle asserted that it was her fault that she did not realize that the podcast was from 2019. A person reposted the interview, and it screwed her mind. She further said that people do such things on purpose to accelerate fights.

Meanwhile, many fans have criticized Jenelle for being so impulsive. She did not even bother to verify the facts correctly. One Reddit fan called her video “Unhinged.” The other asserted that it feels horrible to see David humiliated, but he has not tried anything to improve his image.

It seems that by this act of carelessness, Jenelle has dug her own grave. Let’s see how Kailyn will react to all this. Because we know she will. Till then, keep reading for more updates.


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