Jeremiah Duggar And Hannah Wissmann, His Rumored GF Are All Smiles In Deleted Photo

More photos of Jeremiah Duggar and his rumored girlfriend Hannah Wissmann have recently surfaced. Though the Duggar family is still waiting to announce the couple’s courtship, fans and critics are convinced that the pair is together. There have been many photos of the rumored couple together recently, and fans agree that they look like they are more than just friends. Plus, Jeremiah listed his newly purchased plane for sale, leaving fans and critics asking if he might be saving up for a house or engagement ring for his rumored girlfriend.

Recently, the Duggars have been laying low and have kept many details about their lives private. It seems like this has to do with Josh Duggar’s arrest. Jedediah Duggar and his wife Katey Nakatsu didn’t announce their relationship until they were already married. So, maybe Jeremiah is taking the same approach.

Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Wissmann pose for a photo.

An internet sleuth spotted Jeremiah and Hannah together in a photo that was posted online. Shortly after it was posted by Duggar family friend Carver Bowers, it was taken down. It seems like Carver is attempting to help Jeremiah and Hannah keep their courtship under wraps if they are truly together. Any photos posted of them together have been taken down shortly after.

In the latest snap, Jeremiah and Hannah are standing together with a group of people. The rumored couple is close and smiling big for the photo. Jeremiah’s younger brother Jackson is there with them.

One Reddit user writes, “Wow now I 100% believe it. I guess they really don’t want anyone to know Hannah and Jer are courting lol.”

Someone else adds, “This looks like more than courtship. I’m guessing they’re engaged. Look at all the physical contact!” As fans know, PDA is frowned upon in the Duggar family until a couple is at least engaged. The kids have saved their first kisses for their wedding days.

As fans may know, Jana Duggar is rumored to be courting Stephen Wissmann, Hannah’s brother. But those rumors may not be true. However, these new photos of Jeremiah and Hannah seem to prove there’s something happening between the two families. One Duggar Snark writes, “Jana and Stephen may be unconfirmed, but this pic is pretty good proof that there’s at least one Duggar-Wissmann relationship in the works.”

So, do you think that Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Wissmann are definitely together? When do you think the Duggar family will finally announce their courtship? Let us know in the comments below.


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