John Will Do This To Stop Johnny’s Film

DAYS spoilers show that Johnny DiMera is determined to bring his film about Grandma Marlena’s possession to the big screen (or, at least, a streaming service near you). It’s clear that Grandpa John Black is equally as determined to see that it doesn’t happen.

DAYS Spoilers Speculation: Halt Production

John (Drake Hogestyn) is convinced that telling the tale will just invite the devil back into their lives. Little does he know, the Big Bad is already there…and chatting regularly with John’s beloved Doc. What steps will he take to thwart his namesake? Days of our Lives viewers are speculating the following lengths:

Blind Rage

Don’t mess with John, 40% of you predict nervously. Remember when your mother, Sami Brady DiMera (Alison Sweeney), gave John a stroke, which triggered his rage issues? Combine that with his need to protect Marlena Evans Black (Deidre Hall) at all costs, and John can be a very dangerous enemy for anyone – much less a spoiled rich kid who thinks working to make your dreams come true is whining until family members give you enough money to shut you up.

DAYS Spoilers: Shredder

John isn’t very savvy about the film business. Or maybe just 34% of the fans aren’t. Because they believe all John needs to do to get his way is to destroy the shooting script and…problem solved. Because Johnny didn’t make any copies? Store it in the Cloud? Can’t write it again?

See Sue

To stop Johnny, John will engage in the wholesome, all-American pastime of…filing a lawsuit. Johnny himself said the film is being done on a shoestring budget. He obviously doesn’t have the money for attorneys 26% of you assert. He’d need to go back to EJ, who will likely leap on the chance to shut his foolish boy down. Unless he’s really excited about the possibility of playing John to Abigail’s (Marci Miller) Marlena. He can match John lawyer for lawyer…and then some.

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