Kaley Cuoco’s Divorce Explodes As Ex-Husband Fights For ‘Everything Not Nailed Down’?

Is Kaley Cuoco’s divorce turning nasty? One report believes she and Karl Cook are fighting over anything and everything. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Gloves Are Off In Kaley Divorce’

Cuoco and Cook, per the Globe, are blowing up. Spies say their announcement of “no anger or animosity” was strictly wishful thinking. An insider says, “Kaley is shocked Karl’s taken such an aggressive stance and will fight back hard to keep what’s hers.”

Cuoco originally wanted to maintain civility, but Cook was apparently busy wallowing in the muck of avarice. Bankrolled by his billionaire father, Cook is asking for all jewelry gifts and joint earnings to be returned to him. “It’s very obvious to Kaley that Karl’s trying to call the shots here, and that he’s asking for gifts back is a clear signal he’s grasping at straws.” If Cook wants a fight, Cuoco is more than happy to oblige, the insider concludes.

Are Things Getting Bad?

The divorce could get nasty just from the money involved. Cuoco famously got David Schwimmer levels of money on Big Bang Theory, becoming one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses in the process. Cook’s father is Scott Cook, the billionaire co-founder of Intuit, the Turbotax titan. A billionaire fighting a millionaire never goes well.

However, it doesn’t look like things could get overly rough. A source told Us Weekly that the two have an ironclad prenup. That prenup has already denied Cook spousal support. That being said, Cuoco has also completely wiped Cook from her Instagram. That could be a sign that there are some hurt feelings from the two.

Divorce is hard. It’s incredibly mentally taxing and threatens to unveil the worst in people. This prenup should prevent things from getting as nasty as Globe says, but it would hardly be the first bad divorce in Hollywood history. Only time will tell if it drags out or comes to a hasty conclusion.

One Thing To Note

It’s worth noting that this tabloid reported that Cuoco and Cook would split up in 2018. They made it work for three more years before calling it quits, proving that this isn’t a trustworthy source for Cuoco news.

The Globe has also promised an endless amount of rough divorces, many of which never happened. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw were supposedly battling over their fortune, as were Jada Pinkett and Will Smith. Neither divorce got nasty because neither divorce happened. Messy celebrity breakups are as obvious a trope as any. Cook and Cuoco have the means to get mean, so hopefully, the prenup prevents it from happening.


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