Karen Attacks Restaurant Workers With Cleaning Spray

In a wild scene in an Instagram video, a woman dubbed a “Karen” attacked employees and vandalized a Market Broiler restaurant in Huntington Beach, California. She picked up various items, including cleaning spray, and sprayed it into an employee’s face.

The video, posted to Instagram account Brawls Deep 3.0, was from an incident that occurred Monday night at Market Broiler with a possibly intoxicated woman who seemed to know the staff. She first claims she’s been “discriminated against” and then deliberately collides with an employee.

“I’m not touching her. She’s touching me,” the woman screams dishonestly as another employee tries to hold her back.

It becomes more evident that there is some familiarity involved when she blames one of the supervisors for not protecting her.

“You had no balls to stand up for your own employees,” she yells. “You’re a fucking trainer; we need you!”

Then she asks the supervisor: “Are you vaccinated?” This question, along with her exaggerated motions, is seemingly funny to the people filming the altercation.

The woman then demands to see the employee’s vaccination card and says the woman “has people me at risk.” But then, frustrated, she picks up a cleaning spray bottle and sprays heavily toward the head and face of the supervisor.

The woman continues to demand that the supervisor wear a mask as a “mandated employee.” At this point, she’s entirely out of control. She eventually jumps in the face of another employee, nearly headbutting her: “I don’t need a mask; I’m vaccinated, bitch!” she yells.

The crew and other diners then attempt to calm her down physically. One woman trying to calm her says she’s “not worried” about the employees, which makes the woman more upset—and seems to be hitting at the heart of her issue.

“Let’s not be worried about the white people,” she says as she makes her way out.

The Daily Dot has contacted Market Broiler for comment.

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*First Published: Sep 16, 2021, 11:53 am CDT

Kahron Spearman

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Kahron Spearman


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