‘Karen’ Completely Freaks Out At Hairdressers In Heated Argument


Footage has gone viral which shows a ‘Karen’ completely freaking out at the hairdressers, to the extent where she is actually ordered to leave the salon with half her colour done.

In a clip shared by 25-year-old hairstylist Sharon Spellman, the Karen – who’s name is Robin – can be seen acting increasingly rude while sat in the hairdressers’ chair, to the point where she almost goes as far as to hit Sharon.

Robin can be seen pleading with Sharon to finish off her incomplete hair with classically Karen-esque entitlement, but Sharon stands firm and polite, telling her out-of-control client, ‘you should think about that before you are disrespectful’.

Check it out for yourself below:

As Robin expresses frustration at leaving with her hair half done, Sharon – who was left ‘shaking’ after the client lunged for her – gently imparts some wisdom that many Karens would do well to listen to:

Robin, you can’t disrespect people and expect people to do services for you. This is a service, it’s not like the bank.

In an Instagram Live video, Sharon, who owns Simply Insane Hair Salon in Simi Valley, California explained the circumstances which led to the altercation, with Robin having refused services from assistant Alex, who Sharon had been training up.

Sharon, who gives herself ‘kudos’ for ‘shutting that sh*t down’, believes this refusal was motivated by racism, with Robin having allegedly told Sharon, ‘I don’t want that Latina girl doing my hair’.

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