Katherine Schwarzenegger & Chris Pratt Given The Honors Of Being Global Ambassadors For Special Olympics

On Monday, Chris Pratt, 42, revealed that he would be tag-teaming with his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, 31, as Global Ambassadors for the Special Olympics. The games will be held in June 2022 in Orlando, Florida.

Taking to his Instagram account, Pratt shared how honored and humbled he and his wife were to be joining the games. Their addition was part of the #InclusionRevolution program.

The actor also noted how Marvel Studios was leading in their commitment to hiring a Special Olympics athlete as a paid production assistant. The person would be working on the third installment of the studio’s franchise. Pratt is set to star on the “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” sequel.

Schwarzenegger also shared the news on her own Instagram account, where she revealed the Special Olympics had always been a big part of her life.

She revealed that her grandmother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, had committed her life to advocate for people with special needs. The star said she spent her childhood attending SOI events.

Schwarzenegger and her cousins also got to be Camp Shriver councilors. Besides her grandmother, the star’s mother, Maria Shriver, was also an advocate for the Special Olympics.

When Pratt and his wife aren’t finding ways to give back using their stardom, the pair just hang out at home. On Sunday, Schwarzenegger shared a funny Instagram post where she pranked her husband.

She prodded the actor and teased him while he tried to watch a National Football League (NFL) game. At one point, the actor’s wife wet her finger before shoving it in his ear.

The happily married couple are also parents to daughter Lyla, whose face they refuse to show on social media. In the past, Schwarzenegger has shared images of the little girl with her face hidden.

Little Lyla was welcomed by the couple in August 2020, and she’s their first child together. Earlier in the year, Pratt’s wife explained to “Today” that they made the decision to try and protect their daughter’s privacy.

Pratt’s wife’s father was also in politics as the former California governor. Luckily, her parents were also wise enough to keep her and her siblings out of the limelight, allowing them privacy.


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