B&B Spoilers: Katie Logan ‘Fixes’ Eric’s Problem

Eric Forrester is struggling hard with his ED issues. B&B spoilers show his condition is much worse than when it first appeared while he was married to Donna Logan. It’s also much worse than during any other part of his union to Quinn Fuller Forrester. While Eric is sure this is purely a medical problem, we think a miracle is coming and it’s in the form of his good friend and neighbor, Katie Logan.

B&B Spoilers Wild Speculation

There is nothing like a cheating spouse to stop your mojo from turning. The stress of Quinn’s (Rena Sofer) schemes, plots, and bedding another man put on Eric (John McCook) is more than most people could take. Eric found a way to forgive, forget (well, not quite but he’s trying), and even resign himself to letting Quinn have her cake and eat it too. Anyone in his position would have trouble getting frisky with their better (worse) half.

B&B: Katie Helps Eric Heal

We can just see it now; Quinn spends a few too many nights with Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor), leaving Eric to pass his evening drinking cocktails with Katie (Heather Tom). Their friendship is easy, effortless, and surprisingly satisfying. Katie is a breath of fresh air and her visits are welcome. Very welcome.

Will spending time with someone so pure of heart be a turning point for Eric? He has fallen in love for less and we all know how much love and passion can turn things around. Picture this – Katie and Eric have one of their infamous heart to hearts. Talk leads to a gentle touch and then a sweet caress. Before they know it, Eric and Katie are in each other’s arms sharing a passionate kiss. It’s a liplock so heartwarming it stirs those long-dormant desires in Eric.

B&B Spoilers: Matters of the Heart

Could Katie be Eric’s ticket to getting his mojo back? We can see it happening. She is sweet, loving, and just the person Eric needs right now. Of course, this wouldn’t be without its own set of complications, namely Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis).

Imagine her reaction if Katie began bedding her “Honey Bear.” Well, dear Donna, when has a sister being in love ever stopped a Logan lady from going after a man? This is par for the course, really. Think this wild speculation could really happen? Let us know in the comments section below.

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