Korey Gandy claps back at fan who mocks him winning Love Island USA

Korey and Olivia on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA ended in August, but host Arielle Vandenberg wanted to make sure everyone saw the finale before she spoiled it.

Arielle even waited two months before she posted congratulations for the winners on her Instagram page.

In a funny post, Arielle wrote, “I know this feels like a very late post, but I didn’t wanna spoil the winners of Love Island 2021 for anyone! But if you haven’t seen it by now – what are you doing!? 😂 anyways congratulations Olivia and Korey!”

With that, fans flooded into the comments as did people who competed on the show.

When one “fan” tried to throw shade at Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy, one-half of the winners clapped back.

Korey claps back at Love Island USA fan who trolled the winners

There were plenty of fun comments after Arielle posted her congratulations.

However, some people still take reality TV competitions too seriously.

Among the people who decided that Olivia and Korey didn’t deserve to win was one commenter who made a puzzling comment.

“What did they ‘win?’” he wrote.

Outside of the obvious fact that Korey and Olivia won $50,000 each for coming in first place in the fan voting, they also won something even more important.

Korey responded to the fan personally and answered, “each other.”

Korey and Olivia from Love Island USA
Pic credit: @arielle/Instagram

Korey and Olivia after Love Island USA

While Korey and Olivia have not been seen together as much on social media, like Cashay and Cinco or Josh and Shannon, the two are still together.

As a matter of fact, there are still four couples from Love Island USA Season 3 still together, including Olivia & Korey and Will & Kyra.

Korey has even moved from Virginia Beach to Arizona to be closer to Olivia, who owns her own business in that state. Korey is also starting his own clothing line and it looks like the two are working at becoming not only a good couple but a successful one as well.

Fans can mock them all they want online, but the fact is that Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy won Love Island USA, the majority of fans voted for them, and they are working hard to prove those fans made the right decision.

Korey knows what he won in the end.

Love Island USA is currently on hiatus. Relive the third season now on Paramount+ streaming.


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