Kraft Mac & Cheese Ice Cream Is A Real Thing, Here’s What It Tastes Like

Despite its childhood familiarity, the thought of Kraft Mac and Cheese as an ice cream flavor seems like a questionable Willy Wonka-esqe idea. But, Kraft and Brooklyn-based creamery Van Leeuwen, were much more enthusiastic about the bizarre combination of flavors. In turn, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese ice cream was born. But before you turn your nose up at this crazy new dessert, get ready to be stunned.

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Ice Cream, A Culinary Success

Van Leeuwen, a Brooklyn-based ice cream company, is no stranger to unusual ice cream flavors, as demonstrated by their delicious and unique royal wedding cake ice cream. An elegant marriage of sweet cream ice cream, elderflower buttercream frosting, and homemade lemon pound cake. However, a mac and cheese flavor was still a gamble for Van Leeuwen, but luckily it paid off.

The unexpected, quirky flavor proved to be a “culinary success,” with ice cream connoisseurs. As a result, the ice cream pioneer sold out of the first 6,000 limited edition pints distributed to the general public online within one hour.

If you were too busy debating whether or not the combo of classic comfort food and creamy ice cream made sense, then you missed the boat on this treat. But, lucky for you, you get another chance!

Originally, Kraft and Van Leeuwen intended to only make a limited amount of this cheesy ice cream. But, a huge demand led to its exciting return.

Don’t miss out, this time around! Visit one of the Van Leeuwen locations to get a pint before it sells out again! Check out their branches in NYC, LA, or Houston or order online for $12, while supplies last. 

What Does Kraft Mac And Cheese Ice Cream Taste Like?

But what does Kraft Mac and Cheese ice cream taste like? A recent taste test conducted by Eater described it as having a “buttery flavor” but “so uniquely compelling that you’re going to be confused.” Additionally, the savory and sweet frozen cream is usually described as rich and tangy, akin to cheesecake. 

Moreover, despite the strong color, the ingredients are surprisingly simple. Many will be surprised to learn that the only ingredient that makes this ice cream orange is Kraft cheese sauce powder. Apart from cheese powder, eggs, milk, cream, and cane sugar serve as the other ingredients. 

So, the consensus is that Kraft Mac and Cheese ice cream is delicious. For some, especially those familiar with Filipino cuisine, this may not come as a surprise. In the Philippines, Keso ice cream, or cheese ice cream, is equally popular as vanilla or chocolate.

Here’s hoping more brands introduce internationally inspired flavors. But for now, if you’re curious, and we know you are, here’s your chance to grab a pint and dig in to see what all the buzz is about.


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