Lindsay Lohan Begging Friends For Cash?

Is Lindsay Lohan a few steps away from bankruptcy? One year ago, that’s the narrative one tabloid pushed, claiming the actress was begging her friends for money amid a pricey lawsuit. Gossip Cop is revisiting the story to see what Lohan’s financial situation stands today. 

Lindsay Lohan Desperate For Money?

Twelve months ago, the Globe alleged Lindsay Lohan was begging her friends for “much needed” cash after apparently pulling a vanishing act. According to the tabloid, the Parent Trap star was “like a ghost,” in that very few people knew how to reach her. Lohan’s “loopy” and “lost girl” persona made it impossible for friends and family to even know where she was living at the time. 

However, an insider close to Lohan knew she was “living out of a suitcase for years.” Lohan’s desperate need for money came when she was entangled in a lawsuit with a high-profile book publisher. Apparently, Lohan failed to finish a book, causing her to solicit “funds” from her “hidey-hole.” The unnamed insider went on to say Lohan was “hitting up all the big contacts she can” to find the money. “The word on the street,” the source leaked, was that Lohan was “running on empty.”

Is Lindsay Lohan Broke? 

A year later, and nothing has changed. The Globe‘s report on Lohan being broke was (and still is) completely bogus. While the “insider” said no one knew where Lohan was living, it wasn’t a secret the actress was residing in Dubai. Also, a rep for Lohan outright dismissed this narrative that the Freaky Friday star was in debt. The one detail the tabloid got right was that Lohan was being sued by Harper Collins for an incomplete book.

However, a lawsuit doesn’t automatically imply Lindsay Lohan was in debt or begging her friends for cash. Currently, not much is known about Lohan’s social situation, as the actress is staying more lowkey these days. However, Lohan is quite invested in the NFT trend and continuously partners with cryptocurrency businesses, so a bit of money is presumably still coming into her bank accounts. 

Lindsay Lohan Is An Easy Target For The Tabloids

It doesn’t surprise us this tabloid would take shots at Lohan, as it has done the same thing in the past. For example, the Globe also alleged Lohan was seeking revenge on a slew of A-list celebrities like Emma Stone, Ashton Kutcher, and Kim Kardashian. Once again, the magazine had no idea what it was talking about, and the story was entirely made up. 


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