Lindsay Lohan Combine Together With Studio To Launch A New Podcast

“The Parent Trap” star Lindsay Lohn will launch a podcast with Red Arrow Studios’ Studio71. She shared the news and her excitement about connecting with fans via the podcast on Instagram.

The actress shared a photo of Variety’s article about the podcast to announce the news of her latest project, which has yet to be named or given an official release date.

In her post, Lohan expressed her excitement about partnering with a global media company to develop and produce the podcast. She wrote she was looking forward to connecting with fans and “having intimate conversations.”

The “Freaky Friday” actress explained she would be having thoughtful conversations with her friends and leaders across various industries. However, no details on who will appear as guests have been revealed yet.

Studio71 announced the partnership on their Instagram account with a photo of a Deadline article about the exciting news and wrote they could not wait for listeners to get a never before seen side to the actress.

The media company is behind a long list of successful podcasts, including “The Bald and the Beautiful with Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamo,” Bob Saget’s “Here for You,” and Brittany Furlan’s “Worst First.”

Besides developing a podcast, Lohan has a new Netflix rom-com in the works.

Lohan’s podcast is part of Red Arrow’s attempt to invest in female hosts. The company’s data indicated that the network’s podcasts and shows appeal to a younger and female demographic.

Furthermore, the data found that 55% of the company’s audience is female, while 75% of the listeners are between 18 and 24. Therefore Lohan could be a perfect fit for the demographic.

Moorea Smith, Studio71’s senior talent relations manager, and Matt Barker, director of talent relations, headed up the signing efforts for Lohan to partner with the media company.

With Lohan’s “unparalleled experiences as an entertainer and entrepreneur,” Smith stated that the podcast network could not wait for the “Mean Girls” actress to share her thoughts and insights with the world.

Besides developing a podcast, Lohan has a new Netflix rom-com in the works. The film will be a holiday movie and will have Lohan play a spoiled hotel heiress in the care of a blue-collar lodge owner.

The streaming platform announced Lohan’s new movie in May on Twitter but did not mention a title or release date. Fans will have to wait for an official release date to be announced by the platform.


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