Line Of Duty Season 7: Release date, Plot and Cast


Many crime action tv series primarily revolves around busting bad guys and taking down crime syndicates as the main theme of their plot. But the British police procedural tv series ‘Line of Duty is one of its kind, with a confounding story arc where crime-fighting takes place predominantly within the department itself.

‘Line of Duty’ premiered on BBC Two in June 2012, where it did not take long for the series to be renewed for two more seasons. This is just one of those shows where it’s nearly impossible to list every nomination and award it has received, explaining the show’s long extended run.

The detective series is based on the fictional Anti Corruption Unit 12 (AC-12). The newly transferred firearm officer, Detective Inspector Steve Arnott, works under a team supervised by the highly decorated Superintendant Ted Hastings and partner Detective Inspector Kate Fleming.

Line of duty 7

Line of Duty season 7: Release Date

After a long halt caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, season 6 began filming and eventually was released on BBC One on March 21, 2021. So there is yet much to expect from the British television network to announce any renewals for the future.

The production will likely have an expectation based on the sixth season’s popularity, rating, and performance. And keeping the record of the acclaimed British series, fans can expect announcements any time by the end of 2021.

Line of Duty season 7: Plot and Cast

With the fan-favorite detective duo working through the police institution to find out the mysterious H, there is still much room for any other possible crime syndicates tied up to a corrupt character within the force itself.

And for the story to continue, fans will most likely witness new characters in the form of an antagonist to kick things up a notch.


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