Listen to Episode 1 of ‘The Marchand & Ourand Sports Media Podcast’ with guest Scott Van Pelt

Scott Van Pelt joins “Marchand and Ourand”
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The New York Post and Sports Business Journal Wednesday released the premiere episode of a new podcast hosted by the top sports media reporters in the business, The Post’s Andrew Marchand and SBJ’s John Ourand. ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt joins as the first guest on the podcast.

New episodes of “The Marchand & Ourand Sports Media Podcast” will debut each Wednesday. The audio podcast is available on Spotify, Apple and other podcast platforms. The video version will be offered through and on The Post website.

Each episode will include Marchand and Ourand’s takes on the biggest news in the sports media, as well as their picks for best calls of the week, and who’s up and down in the media business. They’ll also welcome prominent guests from across the industry.

Quick hits from today’s episode:

  • Ven Pelt to Marchand: “I don’t know if you get a dollar every time you write that Stephen A. Smith makes $12 million, but if you did you’d have $12 million.” Marchand: “I’m gonna try that and see if it works.”
  • Ourand, on which distributor will get the rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket: “I’m starting to think [the NFL wants] to do a deal with DirecTV because, number one, DirecTV wants them. And number two, one of the biggest draws of Sunday ticket comes from all the bars and restaurants. They’re not hooked up to receive streaming yet. So there are a lot of considerations that the NFL has to look at. But basically, once again, the NFL is sitting on a pile of cash from these rights.”
  • Marchand, on Peyton and Eli Manning’s great deal with ESPN: “The Manning brothers? What a success! Are you kidding me? ESPN is paying the Mannings, definitely, 8 figures for Peyton. I don’t know what Eli is getting. They have a production deal. They are trying to keep it secret. I’m trying to find out. The deal is ridiculous for the Mannings. They are doing jazzed up Zooms. It’s WFH, work from home, for them. They only have to work 10 out of 17 weeks. But here is the thing: It’s great for ESPN, as well. Everyone loves it.”
  • Ourand, on who’s down: “It’s got to be Sage [Steele], right? Didn’t she get the memo that on-air talent at ESPN has to stay away from politics? She ended up wading into some of the biggest social issues that are dividing this country, and ends up with what looks an awful lot like a suspension. It hasn’t been a really good week for Sage.”
  • Marchand on ESPN’s decision not to take College Game Day to Iowa/Penn State: “I get it, the game’s on Fox. I get it, they want Herbstreit and Fowler to call the Texas-Oklahoma game. [But] you’re the iconic show, and you have to serve your viewers first and foremost. You have to be where the most important story of the day is because you want to be the epicenter. Bad decision to go to Texas.”


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