Logan Paul shows up on Friday Night SmackDown; wins the audience with a hilarious TikTok reference

Logan Paul surprised WWE fans with an unexpected appearance on Friday Night SmackDown, and his hilarious reference to a viral TikTok video convinced fans he’s the perfect heel.Despite showing the world he’s a formidable boxer against Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul has been making ground as the next big thing in WWE – closer to his roots as an amateur wrestler back in high school.

He debuted on Friday Night SmackDown and followed it up with appearances at WrestleMania, Monday Night Raw, and SummerSlam. And he surprised fans with an unexpected fifth appearance on Friday Night SmackDown on September 3.

The hostile crowd greeted him with a chorus of boos, which is no surprise since he’s playing a heel. However, the way he handled himself, along with his reference to a hilarious TikTok video, convinced fans that he’s perfect for the role.

Logan Paul’s presence in the WWE universe is growing by the minute.

Logan interrupted Baron Corbin and Kevin Owens, shaking hands with the former and taking his side. Corbin explained that they’re on good terms now despite Paul insulting him at SummerSlam.

Owens has been on bad terms with Paul after giving him Stone Cold Stunner at WrestleMania. And he added more salt in his wounds, describing him as “one of the most self-centered, egotistical, delusional useless pieces of trash ever to step foot in a WWE ring.”

However, just when they were about to square off and trade blows, Corbin struck Owens with a cheap shot and choke slammed him into the canvas.

Paul picked up the microphone and said, “You’re not that guy, pal! You’re not that guy!” – a reference to the viral TikTok video of a man aggressively yelling at a teenager over them wearing a face mask in a grocery store.

WWE fans praised Paul for his performance, claiming he’s “entertaining” and an “amazing heel” regardless of how they feel about him outside of the ring.

Based on that reaction and the fact he’s been making more and more appearances lately, it looks like he could be transitioning from a boxer to a full-fledged WWE superstar. However, nothing has been made official yet.


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