Lorraine Kelly opens up about heartbreaking miscarriage experience with Myleene Klass

Over 21-years-ago Lorraine Kelly suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage and today she opened up on her show.

The Scottish TV presenter was joined by singer Myleene Klass who wants to raise awareness and educate people about baby loss.

Myleene opened up on her experience with baby loss and discussed the taboo over miscarriage in her new documentary, Myleene Klass: Miscarriage and Me, which airs on channel W this Thursday.

And as the 43-year-old said she had suffered four miscarriages, Lorraine reflected on her own too.

An emotional Lorraine said: “I remember when it happened, gosh all those years ago.

“It was about 20 years ago now, when it happened to me, but you know, I think people were trying to reassure me.

“They were saying ‘oh, this is very common’, and saying ‘this happens to one in three women’.”

Myleene asked: “This happened to you?”

Lorraine replied: “Yeah, yeah and it was like ‘this happens’ and I know they were trying to make me feel better but actually it made me feel worse.”

Lorraine opened up on her own heartbreaking miscarriage over 20 years ago

Myleene said: “I am so sorry Lorraine, I did not know this happened to you.”

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Lorraine replied: “It was a long time ago Myleene.”

The star replied: “But my auntie is still in the documentary and it happened to her 37 years ago.”

Lorraine said: “Yeah because you do still think about as the years go on. You think ‘oh, that baby would have been 21’ or in your auntie’s case, 37.”

Myleene opens up on her experience with baby loss and discusses the taboo over miscarriage in a new documentary
Myleene opens up on her experience with baby loss and discusses the taboo over miscarriage in a new documentary

Lorraine continued: “You are mourning for something which did not happen and that is a tough thing to do as well you know.”

Lorraine’s daughter Rosie was only five-years-old when she miscarried and she previously spoke to OK! Magazine.

She said: “Another baby would have been super. But, hey, it didn’t happen. I had a miscarriage when Rosie was about five.”

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