Madison LeCroy Turns Heads In Bikini Pics Amid A-Rod Drama

“Southern Charm” star, Madison LeCroy has updated her Instagram page with a new set of mind-blowing and jaw-dropping photos that filled her fans with excitement. The reality television star left nothing to imagination in a series of photos recently, that showed her looking stunning in two-piece bikinis.

LeCroy, who’s letting loose on Instagram in an unapologetic way, has been the center of attention for a few weeks, following speculations that she was the woman behind A-Rod and Jennifer Lopez’s painful split. Although the television personality rebutted these allegations, fans are still adamant that she had something to do with the couple’s split following several actions that took place later.

The South Carolina born television personality, made her debut on season six of the reality show, “Southern Charm,” which saw her begin a romantic relationship with another cast member, Austen Kroll. A few weeks after their split, there were rumors that LeCroy was hooking up with another man amid his divorce.

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Body Goals

LeCroy has never been shy to show off her incredible physical features whether it’s in a bikini set or a crop top, the reality television star has a knack for turning heads on Instagram.

A few hours ago, she continued with this trend by uploading a set of photos that showed her in different locations, styled in different outfits. The photos were captioned; “It’s an “add to cart” kinda day,” followed by a love emoji. The star also tagged a business page @beachriot, which is responsible for helping her look fabulous in beach sets.

The post which attracted over 15k likes, also received thousands of comments from close acquaintances and fans in general.

One fan wrote; “These turned out so good,” making reference to her hair and outfit.

Another fan wrote; “How is it possible for someone to get more and more gorgeous every time I see them!!!! FREAKIN BEAUTIFUL.”

Although there were few comments comparing LeCroy to JLo, but overall, fans were consumed with love for the reality star’s outfits. The first photo featured the star in a pink one-shoulder crop-top, and a red high-waist pant to match. The second photo also showed the star spotting a white one-shoulder crop-top, and a black high-waist pant. However, in the second photo, LeCroy matched her beach outfit with a transparent black shawl.

Rumored Fling With A-Rod

LeCroy is no stranger to gossips and viral rumors online, as she has had her fair share of those since she became a cast of “Southern Charm.” However, it’s not clear if these rumors affect the reality star, as she has always seemed unbothered about them.

Speaking of viral rumors, a few months, LeCroy gained public attention when unconfirmed reports suggested that she had an affair with A-Rod, which ultimately led to he and JLo calling off their wedding that was supposed to happen after the pandemic.

This resulted in a widespread backlash, as social media users slammed the reality star and tagged her a home-wrecker. Although the speculations seemed to hold water, A-Rod denied the allegations vehemently, stating that he did not approach LeCroy after splitting from JLo.

LeCroy on the other hand, explained to Page Six that regardless of what the media might think of her, she has never engaged in any physical activity with A-Rod. However, she admitted that they have spoken to each other over the phone, but that was it.

Madison LeCroy Says She’s Innocent

LeCroy explained to the news outlet that she only engaged in ‘innocent’ conversations over the phone with A-Rod, but it played out int he media as an affair because she told the wrong person that they were in contact.

Also, a source close to A-Rod disclosed to Page Six that LeCroy and A-Rod have never met each other, as all their conversations took place over the phone. Although she did not specify the content of the conversation, the reality star stressed that it was not consistent, rather, it happened randomly. Furthermore, LeCroy revealed that she started talking to A-Rod through DMs, before it proceeded to phone calls.

Instagram | Madison LeCroy

The emotional reality star noted that she has tried to remain quiet through the media outburst, but wants to put it put there that she is innocent.

“I have tried to be as quiet as possible. I don’t want anything bad for his family, or for mine. We are definitely innocent in this,” she said. After stating these facts, a fraction the media resolved that indeed JLo and A-Rod may have broken up for another reason.

What’s Next For Madison LeCroy?

From the looks of it, LeCroy is focusing on her self-branding herself, by modelling for fashion houses and cosmetic companies. The reality star has not made any comments on returning into reality television, but if anyone knows LeCroy, she doesn’t shy away from a challenge.

For now, she’s modelling beach outfits and bikini sets for an Instagram e-commerce company called Beach Riot. This platform helps women of all sizes, shapes and builds, find the perfect and incredible beach outfits for hangouts or vacations.

The company’s logo is called; “Riot On The Beach, Party In The Street.” From pattered to plain beach wears, Beach Riot wants to find the best option for every woman at an affordable price.

If and when LeCroy decides to come back to reality television, her fans will be standing by to receive her with open arms.


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