Maid of honour demoted because she is ‘fat’

A woman took to TikTok to share how she was cut as the maid of honour from her cousin’s wedding because she is “fat”.

Sharing a screenshot of the text conversation with the bride, the messages show her cousin begin the exchange by saying: “You know the bridesmaid group is not a therapy group.”

The TikToker, Lia, asked the bride if she was embarrassed.

“Of what? Of telling you to go on a diet.. No. It’s my wedding,” she texted back.

Lia replied: “You demoted me from maid of honour because I’m fat.”

The bride then hit back with five messages, reading: “Yes. Because you don’t have any control over yourself to go on a diet. I like people with discipline. You are still a bridesmaid. I’m going to sleep, goodnight.”

Lia then said goodnight and told her she loves her.

She shared the screenshot using the greenscreen effect on TikTok while she filmed herself eating a burger from Chick-fil-A. She also used audio from Django Unchained, where character Dr. Schultz says “it’s like a reward” while drinking a beer.

The “it’s like a reward” sound is used sarcastically on the app, with one TikToker saying the tear that rolls down into your mouth after crying is “like a reward”.

The video received 124,000 views and almost 6,000 likes since it was uploaded five days ago.

Commenters expressed concern for the TikToker, with one user urging her to not serve in the wedding. Lia wrote back saying: “She’s like my sister I’d regret not doing it even when she’s like this.”

Another commenter wrote: “I see you excusing her behaviour in replies so I just want you to know there is absolutely no justification to be treated like this. Especially by fam.”

In a follow-up video, she shares another screenshot where her cousin tells her not to wear “wh*re shoes”.

In a third video, she said she is now not going to the wedding as she had been disinvited.

She said she had been crying all afternoon but that she’s trying to take the advice from commenters who have been encouraging her to not let people treat her “like trash”.

Her audience shared messages of support, with one comment reading: “You did NOTHING wrong! You deserve to be treated with respect and that was a toxic situation.”

In another video she said she’s still upset about what happened but she has now blocked her cousin’s number. She joked about becoming a “fat-fluencer” until her cousin stops “bothering her about her weight”.

She received more messages of support, with the top comment reading: “Your cousin is crazy!! You’re beautiful and anyone (but your cousin) would be lucky to have you in their wedding! Good riddance.”

Sadly brides cutting important people from their wedding for such silly reasons isn’t new.

A pregnant bridesmaid recently vented on Reddit about how her sister-in-law threatened to cut her from the wedding since she would no longer be able to wear a non-maternity gown.

Although we’ve heard of bridezillas, disinviting someone important to your wedding because of their appearance seems like a step too far.


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