Man claims he was aiming at aliens after firing gunshots

A man who fired gunshots out of his hotel room window claims that he was aiming at aliens.

A gun

Samuel Riddell was arrested after he opened fire at the car park and neighbouring room at a hotel in Kentucky on Saturday (18.09.21) afternoon.

Riddell was charged with four counts of wanton endangerment of a police officer as well as multiple counts of criminal mischief and possession of a firearm.

The local police force stated: “Mr. Riddell told police that he observed aliens in the parking lot and was shooting at them.

“Detectives discovered Mr. Riddell was a convicted felon and was in possession of two handguns and a semi-automatic rifle.

“There were no injuries reported after the incident. Police later discovered several bullets had struck vehicles in the parking lot, and one had entered an adjacent occupied room.”


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