Man Develops a Revenge Plan on Wife Who is Cheating on Him for Years

Imagine yourself waking up and finding that your wife of seventeen years is cheating on you with another guy. How would it feel? A Redditor found himself in a similar situation when he tapped on a Snapchat notification on his wife’s phone and read an intimate text from her boyfriend. 

It takes ages to build trust and a few seconds to break it. The feeling of betrayal is painful. It breaks you into a million pieces that can’t be gathered and glued together so quickly. You need time to overcome the painful feeling, but nobody can hurt you the same way again once you do.

Once a person recovers from the betrayal trauma, they start looking for ways to seek revenge. They want to make the other person go through the torture they experienced. Watching the other person suffer satisfies them, and they feel relieved. The Redditor developed a savage revenge plan to confront his cheating wife.

A man posted his revenge story on Reddit to read other people’s opinions about it. He is a 43-year-old man who married his 49-year-old wife 17 years ago. The woman was divorced and came into the man’s life with two daughters. He happily accepted them and helped his wife raise them into beautiful women.

They developed a strong bond after marriage and never hesitated to discuss anything. They were open about their feelings since the first day, which prevented unnecessary misunderstandings from stirring up between them. The OP (Original Poster) mentioned that they recently started spending less time together because of work.

He worked as a medical practitioner and often came home late while his wife worked from home and spent the entire day in the house. They only interacted on weekends, so they made sure to stay close to each other during this time.

One fine day, the OP decided to change the fan’s filter in their bedroom. After changing the filter, you need to update it on the app, so the man asked his wife to give him her phone. His phone was on the charge, so using his wife’s phone was convenient. As soon as he tapped on the screen, the phone asked him for a passcode.

He didn’t say anything about the phone lock even though he wanted to. While he was swiping on the screen, searching for the fan’s app, a Snapchat message notification popped up. He felt a lump in his throat when he read the message. “I’ll bring the special toy,” said the unknown person.

Her wife asked him if he was OK, and he replied that he was looking at the IP and router information on her phone. He pretended like he didn’t read anything, while deep down, he was shocked. He couldn’t believe that his wife could cheat on him 17 years after tying the knot. It felt like he was having a nightmare.

The OP decided to keep an eye on her wife and find out more about the unknown person. He took a few days off from his workplace to make sure he worked on it full-time. While investigating his wife’s extramarital affair, he discovered more than 15,000 text messages and photos exchanged between the two.

Reading the messages made him realize that his wife had been in touch with the guy for more than a year. They used to talk through text messages but then shifted to Snapchat to keep their conversations secret. The OP also discovered who the man was. He had met him twice.

His wife was cheating on him with her married coworker, who was also a father of three. He also found out they exchanged sensual messages while his wife was rubbing his back a few nights ago. The OP couldn’t accept that his wife was interested in another man.

The OP talked to his friend and decided to hire a lawyer to fight his case. He couldn’t forgive his wife for cheating on him since she knew it was a big “deal-breaker” for him. He wanted to take revenge, so he recorded all the messages and photos exchanged between his wife and the other man. He wrote:

“I just want to inflict pain at this point. I want to hurt her emotionally. I feel eviscerated, emasculated. I will not entertain an apology. This is the one act that is unforgivable. It takes SO many steps to cheat on someone. They all can be stopped until the sin is complete.”

He hired one of the best lawyers by paying a hefty amount. While going through the Snapchat conversation after logging into his wife’s account, he discovered that she had backbit about him and had revealed his insecurities in front of the other man.

The OP also mentioned that his wife goes out of town for five days every three months for a business meeting, and he suspected she would leave in a few days and meet her boyfriend over there. He wanted to follow her and break into her hotel room, but the lawyer suggested avoiding unnecessary drama.

He kissed her goodbye outside the airport as she left for the meeting. He felt terrible inside but pretended like everything was fine. He was waiting for the day he would confront his wife with evidence in his hands. All he needed to do was wait a few more days.

After his wife left, he met his lawyer and asked her what he should do next. She told him about the contested and uncontested divorce options. He needed to confront his wife and tell her that he was filing for divorce. The OP waited for his wife to return so he could talk to her.

The OP was ready to confront his wife. He knew exactly how to start the conversation. He gave her a chance to confess by asking her if there was anything she wanted to tell him. She didn’t have anything to say, so she asked him what was going on in his mind.

He asked her what was the “special toy” doing inside her luggage. His wife’s face flushed red when she heard those words. Never in a million years did she imagine her husband finding out about her love affair. Sweat drops trickled down her forehead as her husband continued the conversation.

Tears started to roll down her cheeks as the OP asked her about her boyfriend. He asked her to leave the house and informed her that he would file for divorce. He also showed her the stack of papers containing the text messages and images she sent him behind his back.

He also threatened to tell their daughters about the affair if she didn’t leave the house. He messaged the other man’s wife on Facebook and told her about the fling in front of his wife. Then, he searched through the stack of papers and started reading one of their conversations loudly:

“I just wish we could spend the day attached to each other. Just you inside of me.

You feel so much more intense than any other woman I’ve ever been with.”

The OP also planned on telling everyone about his wife’s affair. He wanted everyone to know how she stepped over their marriage and forgot about the seventeen years they spent together. He also wanted to tell his stepdaughters about it but was afraid of their reaction.


Did he do the right thing by waiting for his wife at home and not following her to the hotel room? After reading the post, some Reddit users suggested he should have followed his wife and caught her red-handed. He could have also recorded a video to present it as evidence against her later on. Another user wrote:

“I have never experienced this, but I have to say I think you are handling this so well. I know it hurts, but you’re not letting your emotions control your actions. I believe you’re thinking clearly & have a great plan in place.”

The OP would have reacted very differently if he had taken the flight out of town and followed her to her hotel room. His reaction could have been much more violent since it’s not easy to see your wife cuddling with someone else.

Staying at home and confronting his wife was better since his reaction was subtler with no physical violence involved. His wife apologized to him because she knew she didn’t have a future with the other man. She was just having fun with him, but the OP considered any form of cheating as a deal-breaker.

Do you think the man should have done something else instead of calmly confronting his wife? Could he come up with a better revenge plan, or was his plan perfect? It takes courage to confront your cheating partner because things can go out of control within no time. Leave a comment to let us know what you think.


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