Man Discovers Girlfriend’s Son’s Death & Her Divorce Right When He Was About to Marry

A guy was blindly in love with a woman he had known for nearly two years. After a whirlwind romance, he decided to do some ring shopping to propose to her. Just then, he accidentally discovered she had a son who died in a car crash, and she was divorced. 

Trust is one of the most vital concepts of a relationship. Without trust, you may never blend with someone, let alone falling in love. When Redditor throw212awaay fell in love with a woman, he thought she was the “perfect one” for him. He assumed he knew everything about her, whereas he was yet to discover the jolting truth about her divorce.

A relationship is based on sharing and caring. But what happens when either of you is stubborn not to share the most important truth about your past? A partner getting a little secretive can give you clues about something awry. But Redditor throw212awaay didn’t have a speck of doubt on his girlfriend until he logged into his Facebook.


When people stop being honest, they usually have some surprises planned. It could also mean they need some privacy in their lives. Or there could be something they wish their partners wouldn’t know as it would damage their relationship. However, some truths can’t be concealed for long.

Just as the guy decided to get an engagement ring, he got a weird message on Facebook from a stranger who informed him about his girlfriend’s ugly divorce and her dead son.

The 30-year-old Redditor knew his partner for nearly two years when he decided to pop that dramatic question. However, a proposal is never complete without a ring. The guy decided to do some ring shopping before surprising his girlfriend. But a random message on Facebook changed everything.


The guy dropped hints about his proposal, and his girlfriend seemed to know about it. They’d planned a suburb life and had even begun discussing their baby’s names. Posting to Reddit, he explained:

“I was 100% confident. I just hadn’t chosen a ring, you know, she didn’t want a diamond but didn’t know what she does want.”

Just as the guy decided to get an engagement ring, he got a weird message on Facebook from a stranger who informed him about his girlfriend’s ugly divorce and her dead son. As the Original Poster (OP) claimed, the guy was his girlfriend’s brother-in-law and that she’d intentionally blocked him on social media.


The guy requested the Redditor to pass his girlfriend a wedding invite. He told him it would be great if she were there. By now, OP had several weird questions cloud his mind. He wanted to know who this brother-in-law was and pressed for more details. And that’s when the shocking truth came out. He explained:

“I pressed for more details, and it all came out. She was married before to a guy named Brendan, and they had a little boy, Sam-she told me before she didn’t like that name.”

The girlfriend’s son had died in a car crash and what followed an ugly divorce placed the pressure of a strained relationship on her. She’d decided to hide the five years of her traumatic past and move on with her newfound love. Unfortunately, OP didn’t take the matter lightly and wondered if he was just a “distraction” to help her move on.


After reading his story, many users pitied him and said it wasn’t okay. However, some people advised him to sit his girlfriend down and calmly explain that her brother-in-law contacted him to check her reaction.

“I’ve felt sick about this all day. Made up an imaginary sickness to sit and think by myself and I feel paralyzed by it. This morning I knew her, and now I don’t. I don’t even know how to bring this up or what. I definitely can’t go buy the ring and pretend,” he explained.

After knowing the truth, the Redditor couldn’t gather his courage to buy the ring. At the same time, he wanted to be with her and turned to the online community for advice. Several users advised him that she didn’t mean to hide the truth but wanted to lock her past away and move on with her future.

Had OP’s girlfriend sat down and talked to him about the lost chapters of her life, they wouldn’t have faced such a rift in their relationship.


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