Man’s online dating technique ‘rumbled’ after killer chat up line backfires

An online dater has been caught in the act sending the same message to multiple women after his killer chats line dramatically backfired.

If you’ve ever dabbled in online dating, then chances are you’ll have been hit with every clichéd chat line in the book. And, sadly, it’s no secret that some prospective dater take a one size fits all type approach to starting conversations.

But, while that approach most certainly must work for some people, one man has found himself spectacularly rumbled after sending the same message to multiple girls.

“This is hands down the nicest picture I’ve seen in my entire Hinge career,” Shaun McLaren wrote, which is quite a statement even when said to one person, let alone multiple matches.

Anyway, it was all going well for the dating lothario, until he received a response from one of his matches, which read: “You said this to my friend as well ahahahaha.” But, dear, oh dear, that is a little awkward, and it gets worse.

Shaun wrote: “How did you know I said that to her!? Did it go to your group chat??” to which she responded, “no, we live together.”

Taking to Twitter to share his mishap, the man shared screenshots of the messages, writing: “Probably the time I came up with a new opener… Your boy’s been absolutely rumbled.”

The post has since been shared 40,000 times, with many leaving messages of support for the scorned online dater.

“I mean to be fair; you can use the same line. If every girl gets nicer and nicer, you’re not technically lying. It’s food for thought; I’ll leave it with you!” one person wrote.

Meanwhile, another added: “Agh men… Tbf he did say he has a career in Hinge; professionals know what works.”


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