Married at First Sight’s secret off-air feud as drama kicks off in Whatsapp group chat

THERE is a secret off-air feud between the Married At First Sight cast who haven’t been able to let go of the drama after the cameras turned off.

It has all kicked off on Whatsapp – with stars LEAVING the group chat.


There has plenty of drama this series
It's going to kick off tonight


It’s going to kick off tonightCredit: E4

Tension has been brewing ever since the series started airing on E4, as the cast’s backstabbing and bitchy comments were revealed.

Now Amy, Alexis, Nikita, Franky and Marilyse have all quit the group chat after falling out with their co-stars.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun at celebrity boxing event Boxstar, unlucky in love Bob revealed: “We all have a Whatsapp group, but people have started leaving.

“Amy, Alexis, Josh was never even in it, Nikita’s left it now.. Franky and Marilyse.

“When everything goes on TV, people knows what’s coming.

“They know there’s something that’s potentially been said and before the s*** goes down they think ‘right, I’m leaving and getting out of this.’

“It’s very wise. Imagine being in a Whatsapp group all together and someone sees they’ve said someone didn’t love them or they didn’t want to be with them. That’s going to open a real can of worms.”

Tonight, viewers will see the stars reunite for the first time on-camera since deciding to renew – or not to renew – their wedding vows.

In the Australia series, the couples return one more time to discuss their experiences and gain closure. 

Couples decided whether they wanted to go ahead with a legally-binding marriage, just stay together or call it quits.

During the second half of the reunion, the couples were seen sitting down with the experts to speak about their time on the show.

But to spice things up a little, the couples were also shown unseen footage from the series.

It’s set to be one of the most heated episodes of the entire series.

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