Marvel’s What If…? Fans Share Favorite Moments From Season 1 Finale

The fourth Marvel Cinematic Universe streaming exclusive of the year is now done and dusted, with animated series What If…? wrapping up in spectacular fashion this past Wednesday as the Watcher broke his oath, recruited the Guardians of the Multiverse and pitched them into battle against an alternate version of Ultron powered by a full set of Infinity Stones.

It was an action-packed conclusion to the first season, even if it ended up one episode short due to pandemic-related production issues, but there’s only six and a half weeks to go until Hawkeye premieres on Disney Plus, with Eternals scratching the big screen itch in the meantime.

Now that fans have had a chance to digest and reflect on a weird and wonderful set of multiversal adventures, they’re sharing their favorite moment from What If…?‘s finale on social media, and you can check out what made the cut below.

There was a lot going on in the finale, and the fates of Black Widow and Tony Stark caused some murmurings of discontent online, but for the most part Marvel’s What If…? was an unqualified success. Season 2 is expected to debut next year, and we can count on the hugely popular series becoming a regular fixture of the Disney Plus lineup.


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