Max Expresses His Thoughts on Moriah’s Fashion Choices

It’s clear that over the past couple of Welcome To Plathville seasons, Moriah has been on a journey to becoming her true self. She no longer lives in her parents’ house. Ever since she left, the TV personality started figuring out what makes her happy and who she truly was. It’s not a surprise that her parents disapprove of her new personality and lifestyle. However, fans are happy with her happiness as Moriah has started putting her needs ahead of her parents.

But in a recent preview for the coming Welcome To Plathville episode, Max has some thoughts on his significant other’s style. Admitting that this subject is a little touchy, he sat down to talk to Moriah. Opening up about how he felt about her style, he explained that he wasn’t trying to kill her vibe or fashion at all. Let us take a detailed look at this.

Welcome To Plathville Star Max Asks Moriah Why She Was Advertising What’s Not For Sale

Calling his girlfriend attractive, no matter how much he sugar-coated, Max couldn’t hide his discomfort with Moriah wearing low cuts and crop tops. He tried to explain his po int by bringing up an incident that happened in a public place. As soon as he got up to use the restroom, some guy tried to talk to Moriah which didn’t go well with Max.

As Tvshowsace reported, he pointed out that the reason why the guy try to approach her was because of her provocative clothing. In fact, he went as far as to say that his girlfriend was advertising what was not for sale! To that, Moriah replied that she worked hard for her lifestyle and can’t control the reaction of other guys. Instead, she can only control how she reacts. Even though the TV personality was taken aback by her boyfriend’s thought process, she assured him that she would be considerate. But Moriah also pointed out that things like this happen to women all the time regardless of what they were wearing.

From the preview, it’s clear the kind of debate this episode is going to strike among fans. What do you think about Max bluntly expressing how he feels about Moriah’s clothing? Should she modify her fashion sense and style because Max feels uncomfortable with other guys approaching her? Let us know what you think of the entire conversation between Max and Moriah in the comments below. Stay tuned for more updates on Welcome To Plathville.


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