McDonald’s worker ‘fired’ for sweet N sour revenge on rude customer

A McDonald’s worker claims they have been sacked after making a video of how they got apparently got revenge on a customer with “attitude”.

In a video that went viral on TikTok with 62 million views, user @mcdanksbitch shows how they dealt with someone who was rude by messing with their food.

“When the customer has an attitude but you remember you only make 8.50 an hour,” he wrote in the caption of the clip.

The devious fast-food worker then films himself pouring whipped cream over the top of a chilled frappe – then adding sweet N sour sauce instead of caramel.

The sauce looks like caramel but is sweet and sour

McDonald’s sweet N sour sauce has a colour and consistency just like caramel so it’s likely the customer got a full mouthful before realising they’d been pranked – if the employee did actually give it to them.

He later says he has been sacked and films himself waving goodbye to the branch of McDonald’s.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you did it,” he writes on the screen. “You got me fired. Bye McB****s.”

He then zooms in on a Dunkin’ Donuts opposite his former place of work and says “what’s next?”

The McDonald's worker waves goodbye to his former outlet
The McDonald’s worker waves goodbye to his former outlet

Although many people found it funny, they were not surprised the employee was shown the door after their antics.

It was also pointed out that the sauce contained common allergens like celery and soya and it would definitely not be safe to give it to an unsuspecting person without knowing if they had allergies.

One user commented: “The second I seen the video of you putting sweet and sour sauce on a caramel frappe I knew you was going to get fired instantly.”

A second viewer said: “All jokes aside I’m sure he didn’t actually give the customer the frappe with sweet and sour sauce… but maybe.”

Several people in the comments said they had dobbed the McDonalds worker in by writing to the corporate office.

Meanwhile, others were more sympathetic and said working in the service industry could be gruelling.

One user wrote: “Friendly reminder that fast-food workers have feelings too.”

A second said: “Rule number one in life: be kind to people who touch your food.”

Someone else commented: “Be nice to fast-food workers they have feelings and also they can put anything in your food.”

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