Meghan Markle Caught Trying To Hide ‘Shocking Weight Gain’?

Is Meghan Markle trying to hide her stubborn baby weight? One tabloid claims the duchess failed to cover up her recent weight gain during her recent New York trip with “ridiculously inappropriate outfits.” Let’s take a closer look at Markle’s wardrobe choices.

Meghan Markle Hiding ‘Baby-Fat Fiasco’?

The latest edition of the National Enquirer reports Meghan Markle put on 60 pounds during her latest pregnancy and is struggling to ditch the baby weight. During Markle and Harry’s recent trip to New York City, Markle sported some pricey pieces, but the outlet insists her “bloated body” was what really caught everyone’s attention. “If Meghan hoped to hide the baby fat she can’t shed under $100,000 worth of designer fashions, she failed miserably,” an insider criticizes.

“Besides that, she should have checked the weather forecast! She was dressed for winter, not temperatures in the 70s. When she finally discarded her heavy coats, she bared the eye-popping truth! Almost four months after giving birth, Meghan’s desperately struggling to regain her sexy figure!” The magazine explains that Markle weighed a mere 112 before her pregnancy with Lilibet but had “ballooned” to 175 during her last trimester.

“She hid it by staying out of the public eye for months,” the tipster dishes. “She shed about 25 pounds when Lili was born, but she’s clearly struggling to drop the rest!” The tabloid consults a “longevity expert” who hasn’t treated Markle. “Meghan looks to weigh about 150 pounds now, and needs to work hard to lose it,” the doctor explains. Markle could face an “increased risk for diabetes, heart attack, and stroke,” says the physician.

Finally, a fashion expert adds, “It seems she wanted to hide her weight gain but choosing bulky, out-of-season clothing just brought attention she didn’t want! If she’d worn body-sculpting shapewear like all Hollywood stars do, she could have kept her baby-fat struggle secret!”

Meghan Markle Hiding ‘Bloated Body’ Behind Fashion Faux Pas?

After looking into this report, we found the claims to be ridiculous, hateful, and sexist. While Markle definitely has a more expensive wardrobe than most, she wasn’t trying to hide anything with her fashion choices. Harry and Markle were in NYC to promote charitable causes and raise awareness for vaccine equity. Markle wasn’t there on vacation or as a “Hollywood star.” It’s clear she intended to dress professionally for the trip. Besides, Prince Harry wore long sleeves the entire time, but his wardrobe isn’t being criticized.

Furthermore, this report was a cruel and blatant example of body-shaming. For having given birth just a few months ago, Markle looked amazing — and not drastically different than she did a year ago. It’s completely normal for a mother to hold on to some baby weight, and that doesn’t mean she’s unhealthy or being deceptive. All that matters is that she and her family are happy and healthy, and from what we can tell, all is right for the Sussexes.

The Tabloid On Celebrities’ Weight

This is far from the first time we’ve busted the National Enquirer for body-shaming. In a similar report, the tabloid claimed Kirsten Dunst was unrecognizable after gaining weight during her second pregnancy. Then the outlet alleged Gwen Stefani was worried about Blake Shelton’s weight. And more recently, the tabloid reported Vin Diesel sparked health fears with his “exploding waistline.” Obviously, the Enquirer isn’t reliable when it comes to celebrities’ health.


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