Meri Brown: Look Out, World! I’ve Finally Found Myself!

Meri Brown is finally at peace. Not because of anything her spiritual husband has said or done of late, of course. Kody Brown has only spoken negatively about his first spouse for a very long time now.

But the 50-year old has been telling followers to chill out for several months now, insisting she’s on her own path and insisting she doesn’t need to rely on a man for any sort of happiness.

This seems more evident than ever before now.

Following a trip to Cancun last week, Meri posted photos (above and below) from the vacation and reflected on how far she’s come over the past few years.

“Last week I had the opportunity to go to Cancun and spend an amazing five days with friends, old and new, creating memories, and living my best life,” opened Meri in a lengthy caption.

As it turned out, this was a work-related getaway for the Sister Wives cast member.

“When I started my #LuLaRoe business five years ago, I was in an emotional place where I needed to get out of my head and out of my own way, and find opportunities to serve, and to open myself up to personal growth.

“Little did I know that I would end up finding myself in a way I didn’t expect, let alone, finding lifelong friends along the way!”

Brown has found success in the business world just as her personal life as fallen apart; the TLC personality recently referenced the end of a toxic relationship, likely referring to her failed marriage to Kody.

Meri Brown in Cancun

But whatever, Meri basically says here.

Kody can keep hanging out with Robyn and continually make bad real estate deals and generally treat her like crap.

Has Meri been the victim of emotional abuse? Perhaps.

She isn’t about to cry about it or complain, however.

Meri Brown, All Smiles

She went on this weekend:

“The people I’ve met, both within the sisterhood (and brotherhood) of our retailer community, and in my personal community of friends and LuLaRoe lovers, have enriched my life by bringing happiness on sad days, kindness and compassion when I needed it, encouragement, wisdom, and friendship.

“I can only hope I’ve had something to offer them as well.”

Meri in the Summer

“I feel blessed and honored to be part of group of people dedicated to kindness, inclusivity, lifting each other up, and being a shining light,” Meri added.

With a new season of Sister Wives on tap, and with further speculation likely to abound about the state of her relationship, Brown went on:

“Thank you @deannelularoe for your vision, your dedication, your kindness, and for working to create a space where all are welcome and all are important, a space where we can not only dream, but have an opportunity to work and watch those dreams start to take shape.”

Meri Brown is Brave

She then concluded:

I am forever grateful for the past five years of my life, the friends and team mates I’ve met along the way.

And looking forward to what lies ahead, the people I will meet, the lives that may be changed, and the friendships that will be created.

It’s safe to assume Meri is talking about any of her sister wives here, none of whom she even follows on Instagram any longer.

Meri Brown Has Pride

In an earlier post form her Cancun trip, meanwhile, Meri felt like offering up some advice.

It’s rather insightful, too.


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